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The following statistics correspond to the changes produced between 2007-08-04T16:10:09+00:00 and 2007-08-11T12:08:01+00:00

You may find the built-in Special:Statistics of interest too.

Disclaimer: Consider this data as pre-alpha.


most viewed

A total of 4371 pages were served, totalling 109523 views.

hits page hits page hits page
8216 The OLPC Wiki 2880 News 1425 Hardware specification
1088 One Laptop per Child 1023 Sugar 1022 Emulating the XO
896 Software 733 Free Content Jam Taipei 715 OLPC Human Interface Guidelines
625 Developers program 583 OS images 535 Table of contents
493 Autoreinstallation image 473 Installation 463 2B1: The Children's Machine
460 Ask OLPC a Question 438 Content 436 LiveCd
431 OLPC Trial-2 Software Release Notes 414 Getting involved in OLPC 404 Activities
398 B1 Pictures 384 Using QEMU on Windows XP 377 Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution
373 Educators 349 Etoys 344 Sugar Instructions
336 Point-of-view gun 326 Summer of Code 324 Video of the OLPC
323 Sugar on Ubuntu Linux 312 TamTam 308 Emulating the XO/Quick Start
302 El Wiki de la OLPC 296 Contact OLPC 287 OS images for USB disks
272 Core principles 268 Power Management 266 OLPC on open source software
263 OLPC myths 262 Atividade: HistÃ◊ria em Quadrinhos 252 OLPC Brazil
244 Jp PO 240 Pictures

most edited

A total of 230 pages were edited, totalling 969 editions.

edits page edits page edits page
62 OLPC Trial-2 Software Release Notes 47 One Laptop per Child/lang-ja 46 Activities
38 OLPC Peru/Arahuay 30 Licensing materials 29 Free Content Jam Taipei
25 OLPC Philippines 22 Library grid 15 Side-scroller
15 Autoreinstallation image 15 Content grid for T3 15 OLPC myths/lang-ja
13 StoryAsking 13 Ask OLPC a Question/New 12 Source-code editor with transparent native-language display/design
10 Learning activities/Bug Blitz 10 Radio and broadcast 9 Ruler
9 OLPC FAQ/lang-ja 9 Xo korea/organization 9 Microscope
9 PO-laptop.org-laptop-it (missing page)

most added

A total of 239 pages had an increase in size, totalling 761526 bytes.

bytes page bytes page bytes page
66086 OLPC Peru/Arahuay 50654 Xoxo/Statistics 36593 Sneakernet
36138 PO-laptop.org-vision-ja 33057 PO-laptop.org-laptop-it (missing page) 32842 PO-laptop.org-laptop-ja
23891 Developers program/lang-ja 23591 Translating/HowTo/lang-ja 22867 OLPC myths/lang-ja
21313 One Laptop per Child/lang-ja 19575 News/lang-es 18707 News/lang-ja
14916 PO-laptop.org-top-level-ja 14901 Notes on using the OLPC developer boards/lang-ja 13294 Ask OLPC a Question/lang-ja
13278 Summer of Code/lang-ja 11200 XO Korea/introduction/lang-en 11189 Getting involved in OLPC/lang-es
10836 PO-laptop.org-bio-ja 10318 Getting involved in OLPC/lang-ja 9383 PO-laptop.org-foundation-ja
9013 Content/lang-ja 8788 Learning Vision/lang-ja 8410 Drill and test software


Please note that the concept of collaboration in a page conflates the changes done in both the article PLUS talk pages, and only pages where 3 or more editors participate are listed.

space editors page + talk page + talk page + talk
(Main) 10 editors Activities (history) OLPC Philippines (history)
(Main) 7 editors OLPC Trial-2 Software Release Notes (history)
(Main) 6 editors Ask OLPC a Question/New (history) Summer of Content interns (history) Test Group Release Notes (history)
(Main) 5 editors Autoreinstallation image (history) StoryAsking (history) Summer of Content mentors (history)
(Main) 4 editors Getting involved in OLPC/translations (history) PO-laptop.org-en-US/translations (history) PO-laptop.org-laptop-it (missing page) (history)
(Main) 3 editors BTest-4 Release Notes (history) Content grid for T3 (history) Educators/lang-ja (history)
(Main) 3 editors Getting involved in OLPC (history) One Laptop per Child/lang-ja (history) PO-laptop.org-laptop-en-US (history)
(Main) 3 editors PO-laptop.org-zh-TW (history) Software ideas (history) Talk:Activities (history)
(Main) 3 editors The OLPC Wiki (history)
User 3 editors User:MitchellNCharity (history)

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