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The following statistics correspond to the changes produced between 2007-09-08T13:24:51+00:00 and 2007-09-15T11:12:40+00:00

You may find the built-in Special:Statistics of interest too.

Disclaimer: Consider this data as pre-alpha.


most viewed

A total of 4504 pages were served, totalling 98287 views.

hits page hits page hits page
8600 The OLPC Wiki 3529 News 1643 Hardware specification
1103 One Laptop per Child 832 Developers program 832 Software components
824 Sugar 753 Emulating the XO 605 OS images
527 Table of contents 522 Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution 513 XO: The Children's Machine
508 Video of the OLPC 502 OLPC Human Interface Guidelines 495 Bitfrost
442 Autoreinstallation image 435 El Wiki de la OLPC 414 Ask OLPC a Question
387 Content 376 Forth Lessons 362 OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/lang-es
358 Banco de atividades para o OLPC 357 Ethiopian Millenium Gift Project 355 Write
345 Activities 333 Using QEMU on Windows XP 332 Power Management
331 Contact OLPC 321 Core principles 318 Getting involved in OLPC
315 OS images for USB disks 311 Etoys 304 B1 Pictures
298 Atividade: História em Quadrinhos 298 Educators 277 OLPC Nigeria/Galadima
271 OLPC on open source software 268 Sugar on Ubuntu Linux 267 Tests
260 Sugar Instructions 251 TamTam 249 Atividade: Balões em HQ
247 Test Group Release Notes 244 OLPC Keyboard layouts 242 Software

most edited

A total of 192 pages were edited, totalling 721 editions.

edits page edits page edits page
33 Oficina de Desenho/Localization 30 Test Group Release Notes 25 542 Demo Notes
24 Activities 23 OLPC Philippines 23 Test Invites
19 Tests 14 OLPC Philippines:Report 14 Hardware specification
14 Test Basic Operation 12 Ethiopian Setup 12 Localization
10 Measure / Oscilloscope 9 Startup Sequence 9 Creating an Activity
9 PO-laptop.org-laptop-en-US 9 University program 9 Ask OLPC a Question/New

most added

A total of 181 pages had an increase in size, totalling 319136 bytes.

bytes page bytes page bytes page
25043 Translated pages 20176 Autoreinstallation image/lang-es 17531 News/lang-es
14725 Union File Systems/lang-es 12951 Oficina de Desenho/Localization 10866 Languages
10362 Journal and Overlays/lang-es 9355 PO-laptop.org-foundation-it 8448 OLPC Philippines:Report
7712 Embedded controller/lang-es 6557 Python i18n 5631 PO-laptop.org-children-it
5189 OpenEC 5125 Activities 5110 Youth Energy Initiative
4974 University program 4882 Xoxo/Statistics/2007 Week 36/Hotspots 4715 Test Basic Operation


Please note that the concept of collaboration in a page conflates the changes done in both the article PLUS talk pages, and only pages where 3 or more editors participate are listed.

space editors page + talk page + talk page + talk
(Main) 6 editors Activities (history) Test Group Release Notes (history) Tests (history)
(Main) 5 editors Ask OLPC a Question/New (history)
(Main) 4 editors Ask OLPC a Question/New/lang-es (history) Ethiopian Setup (history) OLPC Philippines:Report (history)
(Main) 4 editors Oficina de Desenho/Localization (history) Programming the camera (history) Test Config Notes (history)
(Main) 4 editors Test Keyboard mappings (In Write activity) (history)
(Main) 3 editors Creating an Activity (history) Embedded controller (history) Game Jam Brazil (history)
(Main) 3 editors Localization (history) Measure / Oscilloscope (history) News (history)
(Main) 3 editors OLPC Peru/Arahuay (history) OLPC Philippines (history) PO-laptop.org-children-it (history)
(Main) 3 editors Requirements (history) Talk:Autoreinstallation image (history) Talk:Journalism Jam New York (history)
(Main) 3 editors Talk:Ruler (history) TamTam/lang-es (history)

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