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The 13.2.0 operating system did not run from an SD card in the external slot of an XO-1.


  • select an SD card of at least 4GB; the faster the better, but it will be erased by the process below,
  • select a USB drive of at least 1GB,
  • download 32014o0.zip (601 MB) and expand the contents onto the USB drive,
  • Shutdown the XO-1,
  • insert the USB drive and the SD card into the XO-1,
  • hold down all four game keys above the power button,
  • turn on the laptop,
  • wait for the message Release the game keys to continue,
  • release the game keys, progress will be displayed, grey blocks will turn green, and the screen will show:
 Blocks/square: 2        Total blocks: 14195     Now writing: 70  0 %
 Installing to SD card ..... please wait.
  • after a few minutes it will show:
 Blocks/square: 2        Total blocks: 14195     Now writing: 0  0 %
 Rebooting in 10 seconds ... please wait.
  • it is finished, you may the USB drive then, during the reboot, or after the reboot.

Installing with an XO-1.5, XO-1.75, or XO-4

  • download as above,
  • insert the USB drive and SD card into an XO-1.5, XO-1.75, or XO-4, but do not boot the laptop from the USB drive,
  • instead, at the Ok prompt, type
devalias fsdisk ext:0
fs-update u:\32014o0.zd
  • wait for the fs-update to complete,
  • remove the USB drive, insert into an XO-1, power on, wait for Sugar, verify version in My Settings, About my Computer.

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