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Note: The [[Activity packs]] page is being deprecated in favor of pages such as [[Activities/Peru]]
Note: The [[Activity packs]] page is being deprecated in favor of pages such as [[Activities/Peru]]
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== Other installation options ==
== Other installation options ==

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For the list of all activities, see Activities/All
  For the general public
Applications for use in Sugar are called Activities. This page lists some activities that are commonly Preinstalled and describes how to find others you can install yourself. The name of an activity links to more information about it; if you're using an XO you can click its download link to install it.
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For books, images, and other collections of browsable material, see our set of collections.


Installing one activity

See Activity installation to install groups of activities.

To install an Activity: (only if you have an XO)

  1. start the Browse activity on your XO;
  2. go to this page in the browser;
  3. click on the link to an .xo bundle next to the word Download:
  4. When the download is complete, click "Show in Journal". (If you click "OK", you can continue browsing and finish the installation from the Journal later.)
  5. You'll be taken to detail view in the Journal.
  6. Click on "Star" to launch the Activity. The Activity will start and be installed. It will be included in the list mode of the Home view.
    • (prior to release 8.2.0) scroll the taskbar in the Home view to the right (by clicking on the arrow ) until you see the icon for the activity; click on it to start.

A detailed description with images is in "Install an activity" on the Browse activity's page.

Uploading new activities

Add new activities by following the instructions on the Creating an activity page (Please be sure to read our human interface guidelines in addition to the activity guidelines). When adding your new activity to this page, follow the template syntax as described on the Template:Activity-oneline page.

Lists of Activities

Featured on 8.2

These activities are the ones that Software update in the Sugar Control Panel offers to install and update; they are pre-installed in most laptops running release 8.2.0 received through the 2008 Give One, Get One program. There are many other activities known to work on release 8.2.0.

The activity versions below are the latest believed to work with release 8.2.0 (or more precisely, the 8.2 build stream).

For laptops running Release 8.1.0, see the earlier G1G1 activity pack. If your XO is not running the latest release 8.2.0 also known as build 767 (here's how to check), then you should consider upgrading to it; the details are in the 8.2.0 release notes.


Help icon Help: Documentation and Help for the XO

Download: Help (8.2) (v.10)

Browse icon Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner

Download: Browse (8.2) (v.102)

Read icon Read: Book/PDF reader

Download: Read (8.2) (v.56)

Write icon Write: Word processor

Download: Write (8.2) (v.60)

Paint (Oficina) icon (Oficina) Paint (Oficina): Simple paint activity

Download: Paint (10.1) (v.29)

Record icon Record: Still, video, and audio capture

Download: Record (8.2) (v.64)

TamTamJam icon TamTamJam: Music composition and synthesis.
Tamtam has four separate activities : TamTam Jam, Edit, Synthlab, and Mini.

Download: TamTamJam (8.2) (v.54)

TamTamEdit icon TamTamEdit: Music composition and synthesis.
See also TamTam Synthlab and Mini.

Download: TamTamEdit (8.2) (v.53)

TamTamSynthLab icon TamTamSynthLab: Music composition and synthesis.
See also TamTam Mini.

Download: TamTamSynthLab (8.2) (v.53)

TamTamMini icon TamTamMini: A mini TamTamJam.

Download: TamTamMini (8.2) (v.52)

Chat icon Chat: Text chat

Download: Chat (8.2) (v.48)

Pippy icon Pippy: Python Programming language/environment

Download: Pippy (8.2) (v.35)

Etoys icon Etoys: Learning / programming / authoring environment

Download: Etoys (8.2) (v.94)

Turtle Art icon Art Turtle Art: Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language

Download: Turtle Art (8.2) (v.70)

Calculate icon Calculate: Basic calculator

Download: Calculate (8.2) (v.30)

Measure icon Measure: Oscilloscope and Data Logging

Download: Measure (8.2) (v.27)

Distance icon Distance: Measure distance between two laptops

Download: Distance (8.2) (v.21)

Memorize icon Memorize: A game about finding matching pairs

Download: Memorize (8.2) (v.33)

Implode icon Implode: Logic game

Download: Implode (G1G1 8.2) (v.5)

Maze icon Maze: Maze game

Download: Maze (8.2) (v.6)

Moon icon Moon: Moon phase viewer, includes Lunar phase information, eclipse data, and various display options.

Download: Moon (8.2) (v.11)

Ruler icon Ruler: Graphical cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles of objects the size of XO laptop screen

Download: Ruler (8.2) (v.3)

Scratch icon Scratch: An easy-to-learn, multimedia programming language. Snap together colorful command blocks to create interactive animations, stories, and games, then share your creatiions on the Scratch website.

Download: Scratch (10.1) (v.16)

Speak icon Speak: An animated face that speaks whatever you type

Download: Speak (8.2) (v.18)

WikipediaEN icon WikipediaEN: Offline English Wikipedia snapshot

Download: WikiBrowse English (8.2) (v.24)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (8.2) (v.18)

Log icon Log: An activity version of the Sugar logging tool

Download: Log (8.2) (v.16)

Analyze icon Analyze: An activity version of the Sugar analyze tool

Download: Analyze (latest) (v.8)

Content collections

Biology icon Biology: An introduction to phyla and biomes

Download: Biology (8.2) (v.9)

Wikibooks icon Wikibooks: A selection of books for younger readers

Download: Wikibooks (8.2) (v.8)

Nature images icon images Nature images: Images from around the world from Wikimedia Commons

Download: Nature images (8.2) (v.8)

Jamendo music icon music Jamendo music: music from around the world, from Jamendo

Download: Jamendo music (8.2) (v.5)

Translation dictionary icon dictionary Translation dictionary: A short multilingual translation dictionary

Download: Translation dictionary (8.2) (v.8)

ICDL icon ICDL: Story books for young children

Download: ICDL (8.2) (v.8)

World Factbook maps icon Factbook maps World Factbook maps: global maps from the CIA world factbook

Download: World Factbook maps (8.2) (v.6)

Wikislice chemistry-en icon chemistry-en Wikislice chemistry-en: An introduction to chemistry, via Wikipedia

Download: Wikislice chemistry-en (8.2) (v.8)

World Digital Library icon Digital Library World Digital Library: images and details from world culture, curated by the World Digital Library

Download: World Digital Library (8.2) (v.6)


Specific collections of activity and content are available; see the WorldWideWorkshop and GCompris activity sets, and repositories of Etoys projects at Potsdam University.

Note: The Activity packs page is being deprecated in favor of pages such as Activities/Peru <nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here[[Media:Insertformulahere]][[Media:[[Media:Example.ogg]][[Media: = = Example.ogg = = [[http: / / www.example.comlinktitle][[http: / / www.example.comlinktitle]]]]]]]</nowiki></nowiki></nowiki></nowiki></nowiki>

Other installation options

From the Internet (G1G1 owners, use this)

With the 8.2.0 release or later pre-release images called joyride:

  1. Run the Sugar Control Panel by hovering over the central XO-man on the Home view screen.
  2. Choose 'Software update.' If you are a G1G1 user and have performed a clean install, you will need to re-add the "G1G1 activities group".

Removing activities

via Terminal

Open the Terminal Activity, and do the following (depends on whether you installed activities yourself or not) replacing ActivityName with the name of the activity (e.g. TamTamMini) :

Note: You may want to "ls" before you "rm" so you can see what's in the directory and what options you have.

If done carelessly (e.g. removing Terminal, Browse, or Journal) your machine may operate in reduced functionality until you manually reinstall the activity!

cd Activities
rm -r ActivityName.activity

via the Sugar shell

to be added

See also

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