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Applications native to the XO laptop are called Activities. Click on an activity name below for information about design and development status. For static content, see also library grid.

There is more information about activity development, OLPC Human Interface Guidelines, and installing an activity on other pages.

Two large collections of activities are from GCompris (most run well on an XO, though not completely sugarized yet) and WorldWideWorkshop.

Activities for download

Sugar Activity List
Icon Activity Name Description Last Build l10n & Status Mime types

General Search and Discovery

Object and activity browser and history 542 C l10n resources - integration in process, always on
File:Web.png Browse
Web browser 542 C l10n resources - Web version 19 - depend on new hulahop package, embedded ogg playback added .ogg, .html
- Library Overview of content activities 519 C l10n resources - Being packaged separately with /home/olpc ; 519 version ~200M, current version is ~9M, runs via Browse .xol

Documents (Read, Write & Share)

Book/pdf reader 4xx C l10n resources - May not be a sugar icon in the long run; Can get to it from the browser; PDF functionality ok but mem-hungry. .pdf
Word processor 5xx C l10n resources - version 20+; added collaboration; journal integration added .doc, .abw, .txt, .rtf, .xhtml, .html, odt
- Collage Collage and book maker  ??? No POT found No SOURCE found - Being worked on by Sophie  ?
- MikMik Distributed wiki editor  ??? No POT found - l10n resources - Not in current build; part of Mako's thesis. Being tested this month. Basics work, for T3.sources.xo ?
Story Builder
Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities for writing and sharing via mesh. 542 No POT found -- Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center.

Feeds : News and more, (Read, Write & Share)

News Reader
News reader 4xx C l10n resources - May not be a sugar icon in the long run; Get from the browser  ?

Chat and talk

Text chat 594 C l10n resources - Works though the School Server or on the mesh.
. Video Chat Video/Voice chat (Call)
437 No SOURCE found - Probably not a Sugar Icon. Can talk to another person over internet; peer to peer still being worked out.

Drawing & Media creation/editing

Draw Basic Paint 5xx C UNIFY Draw & Drawing Activity l10n resources - Localized to 10 languages. Needs more effects and collaboration. Many mime types are supported; all available in GTK.
Image:Activity-tuxpaint-webpage.png‎ Tux Paint Excellent paint program for young kids  ? No SOURCE found - Localized to 70 languages. Native code; Sugar API documentation is a roadblock. .png (currently captive)
Record (Capture) Still and video C 542 With video. Needs i10n .jpg, .ogg
TamTam Music composition 5xx C l10n resources - partially complete. .ogg, .midi
Interview (Our_Stories) File:OurStories-1.xo (beta) Interviewing/OurStories activity 5xx No POT found - under development; John Huang & team @ Google sources produces .ogg, .mp3, .jpg
Using keyframes, program a stick figure to twist, turn, tumble and dance 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
Cartoon Builder
Animate a cartoon character by creating a sequence of poses inside a filmstrip 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
Joke Machine
Start a multimedia jokebook and invite your friends to add jokes to it via the mesh 622 Not in current build


- Developer Console Developer's console All Not a Sugar icon. Accessed with Alt+= from sugar, includes diagnostics and terminal.
- Develop Development IDE/tool No Most recent version not working in current builds.
Pippy Python Programming language/environment 56x In recent builds
Etoys Learning / programming / authoring environment 542 C In the build; presence integration underway.
- DrGeo interactive geometry No Runs inside of Etoys (SAR file available here [1]
- Logo Logo programming language  ? Not in current build
Turtle Art Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language 542 C Needs a toolbar
- Scratch Learning / programming / authoring environment  ? Under development
- EduKT Multimedia Content Creator  ? In Development, initial 0.29 release done.
Guido van Robot Educational programming language, IDE and lessons  ? Stable. Work is done to integrate the lessons.

Math & Science

Calculate Basic calculator 4xx C In the build; usable as is. Maybe grouped with spreadsheet.
- Calculadora Basic calculator with visualization of calculations 4xx Some issues with render on XO
- Spreadsheet Basic spreadsheet  ? Not in the build yet. Group Sugar icon with calculate
Ruler Simple ruler and cm/mm grids 51x TRIAL-2 feature complete. Needs l10n, and testing on real hardware. source
Stopwatch Basic stopwatch 496 Could go TRIAL-2 with current features. But more planned. Needs l10n, and testing on real hardware.source
Poll Builder
Create a poll, collect votes and analyze community opinions 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
Measure / Oscilloscope Oscilloscope and Data Logging 542 Trial 3 feature complete. Needs internationalization support before FRS.
Acoustic Tape Measure
Distance measurement 60x Under development.

Media, Audio & Video Players

- DJ unknown quantity  ? Not in current build No SOURCE found
- Multi-media Gnash for early builds  ? Not in current build No SOURCE found
File:Watch&listen.png Helix media activity Media player 5xx In latest build File:Watch & Listen-8.xo
- Sonata music player Musicpd backend and frontend  ? Not in current build source


- Block Party
Tetris game  ? C Not in build 613, but in GIT and downloadable File:BlockParty-7.xo; could use optimization and sound, but complete.
- Block Game Tetris game  ? svn .xo file (.xo not working in sugar), sugarized
Connect Connect-4 game 502 l10n resources - UI Improved to tell you what is going on (waiting for player to join...); works with salut
- Deducto Logic game  ? Running well in Sugar. Development going on to make it compatible with the UI guidelines.
Kuku Educational tutorial game 5xx l10n resources, sources Not in the build
Implode Logic game 5xx Not in current build.
Memorize Memory game (?) 5xx Not in current build
Memoletters / Memonumbers Memory game for learning letters and numbers and more 5xx Not in current build, flexible tile model
- Math game math game for making a number as a function of 4 others  ? Not in current build; has YouTube video demo No SOURCE found
ABC FLower A more appropriate version of the hangman game N Not in current build
- Reversi Reversi board game 4xx Not in current build; sources
Jigsaw Puzzle
File:JigsawPuzzle-1 20071030.xo
Classic picture-constructing game 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
Slider Puzzle
File:SliderPuzzle-3 20071030.xo
Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
- Spray Play two- or more? player shape-pushing physics game  ?? Not in current build. sources.
- 3D Pong 3d pong game 4xx Not in current build; on the wiki as uploaded file.
Typewriter Phonics, Vocabulary and Typing game 406 Not in current build; sources
- SpaceWars Classic space game  ? Not in current build; Ported by the Silverman brothers.No SOURCE found
- DazzleDarts Classic physics game  ? Not in current build; Ported by the Silverman brothers and Vadim Gerasimov (network enabled, but not integrated into Sugar) No SOURCE found
- GCompris Collection of games. See GCompris for a list of .xo bundles availble  ? Not in current build; Ported by the GCompris team, now integrated into Sugar. Each of the 100 activities are packaged individually, you can download the English bundles. Or, you can find out here how to build them.
Domino Math domino game  ? Not in current build; Don't support mesh yet, you can play with your xo; sources.
Ecomundo Life simulation game  ? Not in current build; sources
Peg Solitaire A Marble-Jumping Solitaire Game  ? Not in current build; Works in Sugar; Created by a Team at Carnegie Mellon University; For Feedback please go to File:PegSolitaire.xo

Teacher and New User Tools

MaMaMedia Creative Center
File:MaMaMediaMenu-1 20071030.xo
Currently displays a static suite of MaMaMedia Creative activities, but will become a user-customizable "Make Your Own Favorites" activity. 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
MaMaMedia Learning Center
File:LearningCenter-2 20071030.xo
Resources for students/teachers exploring the XO and MaMaMedia Creative Center in-class and independently 622 Please test! Part of the MaMaMedia Creative Center Beta 1.4.
- Wikiosity Customized reading list generation from link structure of Wikipedia  ? Not in current build No SOURCE found


ColingoXO Colingo-sponsored video editor allowing children to construct video dialogs with short video clips, for constructivist language-learning - Not in current build; needs interested developers to turn mock-up and description into code. No SOURCE found
Example demo how-to Demo/example of Sugar API usage.  ? Not in current build User:AlbertCahalan#example_app Hello-1.0.0.tar.gz sources
- Mesh Board Peer-to-peer "Craigslist"  ? Not in current build No SOURCE found
- VisualAcuityDemo Play with visual acuity measurements.  ? Needs tube-based remote control.sources
- Terminal An activity version of the Sugar terminal 49x Not in current build; v.1, sources. needs l10n.
- xoIRC An activity version of the urk IRC client 56x Not in current build; v.1. sources needs l10n and embedding in the dev terminal.


Please note the l10n (aka Localization) elements of the activity (ie: the POT file/directory link — [http:link POT] or [[PO page]]. You should also link to the activity/l10n subpage with po files and status if it exists.


To manually install activities from a USB stick, go to the developer's console and type:
sugar-install-bundle /media/<USB stick name>

trial-3 update: when you click on an xo file from a browser, it will donwload; from the sidebar, add it to the journal; from the journal, resume the file. This will install the activity on your XO.

Activities will eventually be launchable or installable from the mesh, taskbar, journal, clipbar, and browser.

Other collections of activities

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