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How to build an Android image for XO-4.

We provide in this directory changes to the Android 4.3.1 source so that Android can be built for the XO-4 laptop, and then merged with an OLPC OS build to create a dual-boot image.



  • a well connected development system,
  • about 20 GB of download capability,


$ repo init -u -b android-4.3.1_r1
$ repo sync
  • in the same working directory, expand our file xo4-android-source-release-20131220.tar.gz and merge the changes,
  • start the build:
$ . build/
$ lunch 13
$ make -j8
  • ensure you have a copy of the OLPC OS Linux, Sugar and Gnome build file, e.g. 32013o4.zd,
  • prepare a .zd file for the XO-4:
$ cd vendor/olpc/xo4/mkzd
$ ./

Alternative Method

To merge an already published Android build with an already published OLPC OS derived build:

  • download the system.img, ramdisk.img, and kernel files from the Android build directory,
  • download the OLPC OS derived build, e.g. 32013xx4.zd
  • download the tool, and edit it to match file names,
  • run

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