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Ask OLPC a Question is a set of pages dedicated to general questions about the project. Questions about how to learn and use the XO can be posted to New Users.

Before asking a question...

  • Read the "Official OLPC FAQ";
  • If you own an XO laptop and have technical questions, read the "Support FAQ";
  • Search the wiki for an answer to your questions (using the search field in the column on the left, or Google), and add a targeted question or comment to the discussion associated with that page;
  • Aside from the sections below (each of which can be viewed in expanded form using the links provided), there are several other pages which contain Frequently Asked Questions. Check them to see if your question is covered there.
  • Some classes of questions have their own forums:
    • To get a laptop for yourself, your young relatives, your NGO, etc., see this section;
    • To submit ideas, see the OLPC Idea Pool.
    • To answer a question, feel free to reply below. Sign your response (using the wiki convention of -- ~~~~) and put it in the Answered Question Section of its subpage (that is, above the line with </noinclude> which is near the end). The community can discuss and revise your answer.
    • To make general comments and suggestions, see the main talk page or the "discussion" tab at the top of each page;
  • There is a discussion page to dispel various rumors about the project.
  • There is a new developers FAQ at

Please keep in mind...

While OLPC maintains these pages, all of the questions and many of the answers come from the community. Without an extraordinary effort by the community to keep you informed about the project, we would never be able to keep pace with all of these questions.

We make an effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in the FAQ, but please do check with OLPC before presuming that an answer is "endorsed" by OLPC: we encourage the expression of a diversity of opinions on this site, but we do not necessarily agree with all opinions expressed here. Please remember to use the article pages for facts; please do use the discussion page associated with each article page to express your opinions.

User support

Support FAQ

Common questions about how to use your XO laptop (also see our Getting Started guide)

Project and Goals

Ask about Our Mission

Questions about our goals and approach to our mission

Ask about Our Team

Questions about our team and how to get involved

Ask about Social Issues

Questions about the social impact of our mission

Purchasing, Distribution, and Countries

Ask about Give One Get One

The Give One Get One program concluded on 31 December 2007. Please see [1] for more ways to give.

Questions about the Give One Get One program

(Ask about Give One Get One orders)

Questions about the status of your Give One Get One order

Ask about Distribution

Questions about how we plan to distribute laptops

Ask about Countries

Questions about the countries that are deploying one laptop per child


Be sure to see our Support FAQ page and the Getting Started guide.

Ask about Our Technology

General questions about OLPC technology

Ask about Our Network

Specific questions about how to connect an XO laptop to the Internet

Ask about Our Hardware

Questions about our hardware

Ask about Our Software

Questions about our software

(Ask about the XO)

Ask detailed questions about using the XO laptop (Also see the Support FAQ, the General Release Notes, and the Getting Started guide)

Ask about Our Product Life-cycle

Questions about our environmental impact

Uncategorized Questions

Ask OLPC a Question/New

A place to ask new questions


Archive of Older Questions

An archive of questions that have been asked about the program that are less current

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