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Quantity[1]     Cost per XO[2]
100+ $205
1,000+ $195
10,000+ $185

The current OLPC laptop is the ARM-based XO-4 Touch. Cost estimates are to the right.

Please contact us at to buy laptops or to let us know about a bid.

OLPC sells XOs to many groups: governmental and NGO, educational, non-profit and for-profit organizations.
We welcome the chance to participate in bids.

If you are working with an existing deployment, additional options may be available.
If you are launching a new project, please read our deployment guide.

You can also contact us for information about

  • Pricing for alternative laptop configurations, peripherals[3], and spare parts,
  • Questions about planning and supporting a large-scale deployment.


  1. The minimum order quantity is 1000; laptops in quantities from 100 to 1000 are available upon special request.
  2. Costs are estimates FOB China, for the default laptop configuration; International English keyboards and the latest software build.
    Costs exclude shipping, taxes, and local import duties; and will change without notice. For a quote, contact
  3. OLPC can advise on how to set up solar deployments and get solar panels designed to work with XOs.
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