Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics


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Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (CAS) are used to write several Native American languages of Canada and the northern United States. This is a keyboard layout for Inuktitut.

The Pigiarniq font is required to view this keyboard layout (found via Wikipedia).

ᕻ  ᖕ  ᑉ  ᕐ  ᒃ  ᑦ  ᖅ  ᒻ  ᓐ  ᓪ  ᔾ  -  ᕝ
   ᖏ ᐃ ᕿ  ᑭ  ᑎ  ᓯ  ᒥ ᓂ ᓕ  ᔨ  ᒡ  ˙  \
    ᖑ ᐅ ᖁ  ᑯ  ᑐ  ᓱ  ᒧ ᓄ ᓗ  ;  '
    ᖓ ᐊ ᖃ  ᑲ  ᑕ  ᓴ  ᒪ  , .  ᔭ
ᕵ  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  0  _  =
    ᒋ  ᐱ  ᕆ  ᖖ  ᙱ  ᙳ  ᙵ  ᖤ  ᖠ  ᖦ  ᔅ  ᐞ  |
     ᒍ  ᐳ  ᕈ  ᕕ  (  )  ᔪ  ᕗ  ᖢ  :  "
      ᒐ  ᐸ  ᕋ  ?  ᕼ  ᓇ  ᓚ  <  >  ᕙ
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