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Pages related to: learning evaluation, evaluating XO-XS implementations, etc.

If you want to make your search for funding easier: talk, write, demonstrate you have an evaluation, monitoring and feedback strategy, however small. It really makes you stand out from all the other groups that apply with other projects.

If you're interested in this topic. Make an account to this wiki, click on the edit button and copy paste these "Categories" at the bottom of all the pages that you come across that have a link with Metrics and Evaluation of the OLPC XO-XS implementations. You're going to be really amazed about what will happen. The software that generates these pages you're reading, has some amazing and powerful features - I mean this is not just some website. This software is more intelligent than that: it understands stuff, like e.g. when you write something between double square brackets, it understands you wanna refer to something - a page - that's inside this wiki already. If you put the word "Category" between square brackets, these ICT programmers have made sure, the software understands you want to pull together information that's spread over several pages. That was a very common problem/issue these ICT programmers solved: people come in to these wiki's each from their own field of interest, eventually start contributing and expanding, and then people find out that other contributors have touched upon the same topics of interest and - at times - the need and question arises "how to bring these people with the same interest together" and "how to bring all that data on a specific topic together scattered over different pages without interfering in the original pages". The answer: put at the bottom of every page with relevant info a code - categories written between 2 square brackets etc - this software understands. Just click on these categories and you'll see a page is created where all the links to pages with something relevant on the topic are gathered. More info on categories, click here: Category.


This category has only the following subcategory.


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