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Other channels (less frequented)
#olpcaustria German language channel. OLPC Austria meets here.
#olpc-peru Peru and OLPC Spanish America subjects (most likely to be in Spanish)
#olpc-brasil Brazil (note the spelling with the 's' - português)
#olpc-bg Bulgaria
#olpc-co Colombia
#olpcnepal Nepal
#olpc-nl the Netherlands
#olpc-pakistan Pakistan
#olpcph Philippines @
#olpc-ro Romania
#olpc-za South Africa

defunct and experimental channels

  • #olpc-ko - Korea
  • #olpc-philippines || [1] @
  • #olpc-wiki — geared towards issues or subjects relative to the wiki itself (Created around 20 June.)
  • #olpc-l10n — has Localization as its focus (Created around 20 June.)dropped in october due to low traffic and overlap with #olpc-content
  • #OLPC-Dictionary — related to the children's dictionary for the olpc. Inactive, though MartinMai has been active again recently
  • #tam_tamTamTam Inactive?
  • #olpc-de inactive?
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