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* XO-1.5 early production machines available but shipping temporarily delayed:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 7 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 Low Cost English Centre (LCEC) - Democratic Republic of Congo
 #2 Serving Servite - St. Ann, Jamaica
 #3 Malawi Pen Pal Global Outreach - Austin, Texas
 #4 Piensa en Verde - Managua, Nicaragua
 #5 "Skipping Stone" Travelling support team - Warsaw, Poland
 #6 UV Light Water Purifier USB - Ecuador
 #7 Interactive Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Ecuadorian 
Amazon - Quito, Ecuador


<CanoeBerry> Finally note that shipping around our last meeting 3 weeks ago is finally moving in coming days -- many thanks to some really great volunteer-mentoring that occur in the 21 past days, pushing people around the world to add really great stuff around their work to community map:
<CanoeBerry> PS last meeting's minutes if you missed it:,_2011
* dogi gruesst CanoeBerry 
* PetrosPolonos ( has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Agenda Above.
<CanoeBerry> Let's roll.
<CanoeBerry> We'll run through these 7 OLPC/Sugar projects fast when y'all are ready.
<CanoeBerry> Let's give it a minute until folks all receive the above email.
<CanoeBerry> Please read over the above project hardware requests carefully!
<Indigo-Gold-87> CanoeBerry - can someone email Wilderness Expeditions at or or
<Indigo-Gold-87> i see from the Jan 21 meeting that someone offered to reach out to us but i haven't seen anything. Thank you.
<CanoeBerry> Indigo-Gold-87: I will ask the volunteer mentor if he has time, yes.
<Indigo-Gold-87> Thank you
<Indigo-Gold-87> Our project is to begin mid-March 2011
<CanoeBerry> Done
<CanoeBerry> OK, let us being now.
<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the extreme delay.

[ PROJECT #1 - Glen Cairn Lending Library - London, Ontario, Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all here critique/mentor/vote for Project #1 of 7 here:
<CanoeBerry> Low Cost English Centre (LCEC)
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 20 XOs over 60 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives: (excerpt)
<CanoeBerry>     The major objective of the LCEC (Low Cost English Centre) Project 
<CanoeBerry> consists
<CanoeBerry>     to offer, at no charge, the English language training to secondary 
<CanoeBerry> school
<CanoeBerry>     pupils throughout our territory, Uvira. Teachers at all levels (from
<CanoeBerry>     Pre-School to University) in country depend upon the meagre monthly
<CanoeBerry>     contributions from pupils/students' parents whose over 90% of them are
<CanoeBerry>     crossing an extreme poverty. A fact that makes it harder to request
<CanoeBerry>     payments from resourceless children/youths.
<CanoeBerry>     As to your information, there is a number of specific activities planned
<CanoeBerry>     to be achieved by the LCEC Project as to make more consistent &
<CanoeBerry>     significant the training being offered, as well as forming up really
<CanoeBerry>     skillful English-speaking youths for a brighter future of themselves
<CanoeBerry>     and the one of the whole community.
<CanoeBerry> This is a very long proposal, for those who have full access to:
<CanoeBerry> Let me know if you don't have access, and want to become a mentor/reviewer! (protecting privacy / personal details of applicants, etc)
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<dogi> ups
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<CanoeBerry> Any DRC people here?
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<CanoeBerry> (Democratic Republic of Congo, where the above proposal seeks to roll..)
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> Projecty ON HOLD until a volunteers mentor steps forward to engage this group on a starter kit of 2 XO-1s, if applicable.

[ PROJECT #2 - Serving Servite - St. Ann, Jamaica ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2.
* christianabryant  Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Serving Servite - St. Ann, Jamaica
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 100 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Our core objective is to provide information technology to our 
<CanoeBerry> students who
<CanoeBerry>     range from ages 5-11.  This objective will equip and empower our 
<CanoeBerry> students
<CanoeBerry>     to become better persons and to make better communities and a better 
<CanoeBerry> country.
<CanoeBerry>     In this 21st century when even piped water is a luxury; these 
<CanoeBerry> students will
<CanoeBerry>     be able to learn outside of their borders and to dream and think as 
<CanoeBerry> world
<CanoeBerry>     citizens and not to grovel in their meagre existence.
<CanoeBerry> 100 is Excessive.
* yama`  Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
<CanoeBerry> This project needs Jamaicans to guide them around OLPC principles:
<CanoeBerry> And Sameer Verma perhaps?
<CanoeBerry> In any case, 100 units is completely inappropriate for the Contributors Program here.
<CanoeBerry> Any mentors to help guide them to something more realistic?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD.

[ PROJECT #3 - Malawi Pen Pal Global Outreach - Austin, Texas ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote for Project #3:
<CanoeBerry> Malawi Pen Pal Global Outreach - Austin, Texas
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 9 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Increase the number of students in Manyamula and Mzuzu with access 
<CanoeBerry> to textbooks
<CanoeBerry>     and communication tools. Create a faster Pen Pal project to increase 
<CanoeBerry> the
<CanoeBerry>     exchange between the youth in America and those in partner churches 
<CanoeBerry> and cities
<CanoeBerry>     in Malawi.
<CanoeBerry> Looks great if others can vouch for the techno/social feasibility.
<CanoeBerry> Any Sugar/OLPC volunteers in Texas that can say hello here?
<CanoeBerry> Let's do our best to give this project a chance if so!
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD -- awaiting tentative mentoring for a Texas OLPC/Sugar volunteer ideally?  Applicants need to demonstrate Sugar/Fedora use cases showing/explaining how this will work.

[ PROJECT #4 - Piensa en Verde - Managua, Nicaragua ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Piensa en Verde - Managua, Nicaragua
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Develop in students the skills and sugar management andcapacity building
<CanoeBerry>     activities in the teachers themselves to developtheir class projects 
<CanoeBerry> based
<CanoeBerry>     on the different activities and to shareequally all the knowledge 
<CanoeBerry> gained with
<CanoeBerry>     other projects.
<CanoeBerry>     Past Experience/Qualifications:
<CanoeBerry>     Currently I have worked with several royal colleges in the country 
<CanoeBerry> with the
<CanoeBerry>     draft of the XO-1 and XO-1.5, which I have emphasizedmy efforts to help
<CanoeBerry>     improve the learning capabilities of local technicians and development
<CanoeBerry>     activities, support the differentactivities when integrating the 
<CanoeBerry> learning
<CanoeBerry>     curriculum models of Nicaragua, which I have been able to centralize all
<CanoeBerry>     the projects that have a minimum of laptops to home zacarias war in 
<CanoeBerry> order
<CanoeBerry>     to have a better answer to the problems of the XO.
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<CanoeBerry> +1
* yama  Quit (Changing host)
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<CanoeBerry> Applicant's driven and longstanding in his commitment.
* satellit__  Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
<CanoeBerry> Comments?
<CanoeBerry> Supporting statements?
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.

[ PROJECT #5 - "Skipping Stone" Travelling support team - Warsaw, Poland ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5
<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> "Skipping Stone" Travelling support team - Warsaw, Poland
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 5? months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Support team training
<CanoeBerry>     We are going to get involved in OLPC deployment and support on the 
<CanoeBerry> long-term
<CanoeBerry>     basis. This project's first goal is to give us practical knowledge 
<CanoeBerry> of the
<CanoeBerry>     system.
<CanoeBerry>     - Setting up local community network in the heterogeneous environment.
<CanoeBerry>     - Setting up and maintenance of XS in the ad hoc network.
<CanoeBerry>     - Daily maintenance and configuration.
<CanoeBerry>     As a result, OLPC community will obtain a permanent travelling team, 
<CanoeBerry> ready
<CanoeBerry>     to provide support in various areas. As our experience grow, we 
<CanoeBerry> shall also
<CanoeBerry>     be able to train and support short-term volunteers, as needed.
<CanoeBerry>     Base for future Polish grassroot pilot
<CanoeBerry>     As of Feb. 6th, 2011, we are actively looking for contact with 
<CanoeBerry> educators in
<CanoeBerry>     Poland, interested in OLPC as an alternative educational project. Our
<CanoeBerry>     knowledge and experience with the system will be used to introduce
<CanoeBerry>     non-technical partners and let them get familiar with the solution.
<CanoeBerry> Is the applicant here to advocate for this project?
<CanoeBerry> PetrosPolonos: ^
<PetrosPolonos> Hello.
<PetrosPolonos> Sort of, yes.
<PetrosPolonos> I believe it will be easier for me to answer questions, as I practically wrote everything I had in mind, when posting the project description.
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* satellit__afk disconnected by hotel wireless
<dogi> hi PetrosPolonos
* satellit__afk is now known as satellit__
<PetrosPolonos> hi dogi
<CanoeBerry> +1 hoping for more questions.
<CanoeBerry> Still no guarantees i can ship an XO-1.5
<CanoeBerry> If folks really don't have questions, we have a deal (I've already talked extensively with Petros by phone).
<CanoeBerry> My apologies today's meeting lacks the usual crowd :)
<satellit__> Canoeberry: got disconnected did I miss anything rel to my request?
<CanoeBerry> satellit__: no, in fact I removed most all the small XO-1.5 proposals like yours, as I like them all, and will ship the moment inventory frees up.
<CanoeBerry> "removed from today's agenda"
<satellit__> to lunch : )
<CanoeBerry> (giving them preliminary approval instead)
<CanoeBerry> Back to Poland's proposal.
<PetrosPolonos> What is the possible date 1,5 could be available?
<CanoeBerry> Final objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED!
* satellit__ is now known as satellit__afk
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<PetrosPolonos> Thank you, Community.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all & plz get to know the Polish team in coming months.
<CanoeBerry> You will be impressed.

[ PROJECT #6 - UV Light Water Purifier USB - Ecuador ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> UV Light Water Purifier USB - Ecuador
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Create a UV water sterilization lamp that attaches to a USB port on 
<CanoeBerry> the OLPC
<CanoeBerry>     and will last long enough to sterilize several liters of water on 
<CanoeBerry> one battery
<CanoeBerry>     charge.  This has humanitarian implications as well as educational uses.
<CanoeBerry>     It also promotes usefulness of the OLPC in regions where water 
<CanoeBerry> quality is
<CanoeBerry>     questionable and as an emergency response equipment in disaster areas.
<CanoeBerry> Application here seems to lack detail..
<CanoeBerry> I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt if we hear more!
<CanoeBerry> Other comments?
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Needs a mentor for sure, to move this one forward.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<dogi> :P
<CanoeBerry> dogi: will you mentor Ecuador's purifier?
* dogi likes this project idea
<CanoeBerry> Are you voting in favor of 2 XO-1s, our standard starter kit, eg. if you will help mentor?
<dogi> I think there are better mentors then me for this project
<CanoeBerry> Who?
* christianabryant  has joined #olpc-meeting
<dogi> christianabryant, for example
<dogi> hi christianabryant
<dogi> <CanoeBerry> Are you voting in favor of 2 XO-1s, our standard starter kit, eg. if you will help mentor?
<dogi> <dogi> I think there are better mentors then me for this project
<dogi> <CanoeBerry> Who?
<dogi> * christianabryant  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> christianabryant is silent :)
<CanoeBerry> dogi: what's the final verdict?
<christianabryant> didn't want to interrupt the real decision makers!
<CanoeBerry> That would be you :)
<CanoeBerry> christianabryant: we're just mulling over this 2nd last project in Ecuador.
<dogi> CanoeBerry, ok
<CanoeBerry> Do you think Project #6 here deserves a shot as is?
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude Project #6 within 60 seconds.
<christianabryant> i think it could be an important tool...
<CanoeBerry> Any mentor will do, if you believe that has a shot, and will build XO/Sugar/OLPC community in Quito or Ecuador.
<christianabryant> and demonstration of it would have solid implications to other teams.
<CanoeBerry> christianabryant: can you co-mentor with dogi, sending an email every month this winter/spring?
<dogi> are both ecuador project connected?
<CanoeBerry> if so, let's approve it.
<CanoeBerry> Ecuador projects are not connected.
<CanoeBerry> So far as I know!
<dogi> oh
<christianabryant> yes, i can do that.
<christianabryant> be happy to interact via email for more details post-meeting.
<dogi> christianabryant, +1 if I co-mentor with you
<christianabryant> dogi:  would be a pleasure.
<dogi> :)
<christianabryant> did 6 or 7 offer links for review?
<dogi> is there somebody in irc to speak with
<christianabryant> i have a comment regarding #7 when we get there.
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<CanoeBerry> #6 APPROVED, thanks so much to dogi an christianabryant
<christianabryant> np :)

[ PROJECT #7 - Interactive Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon - Quito, Ecuador ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto our final #7 project of the day:
<CanoeBerry> Interactive Learning and Cultural Preservation in the Ecuadorian 
<CanoeBerry> Amazon - Quito, Ecuador
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 8 XOs over 6? months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     There are several concurrent objectives of this project. Principally, we
<CanoeBerry>     plan to begin building an audio-dictionary of the native language of the
<CanoeBerry>     Siona people and to use it to help the young people learn their 
<CanoeBerry> ancestral
<CanoeBerry>     tongue. The secondary objective is to achieve measurable learning 
<CanoeBerry> outcomes
<CanoeBerry>     primarily in math, science, English, and Spanish amongst a group of 
<CanoeBerry> children
<CanoeBerry>     that shows little to no progress under more standard teaching 
<CanoeBerry> paradigms. The
<CanoeBerry>     tertiary objective is to allow parents (many of whom are illiterate) to
<CanoeBerry>     advance their own educational levels by using their son or daughter´s
<CanoeBerry>     machine.
<CanoeBerry> If someone can vouch for this approach, and 2 XO-1s being useful & appropriate? (our standard starter kit) 
<CanoeBerry> Any TORmentors?
<christianabryant> i'm new to this so forgive me, but do project plans/schedules often get submitted for review by OLPC?
<christianabryant> review of #7 would benefit from a strategy document or plan.
<CanoeBerry> Only briefly here, normally.
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
* Sienna-Russet-48  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> Motion to put Project #7 on hold until project plan detailed?
<CanoeBerry> Or any mentor helps them bite off a smaller piece.
<christianabryant> it would be helpful to know when the xos would come into play.
<CanoeBerry> OLPC's Contributors Program requires community participation in any case (that means a marker on and any blog syndicated into etc)
<christianabryant> seems there are many pre-development pieces that would have to be done before the implementation starts.
<CanoeBerry> True.  We don't mind shipping 2 refurbished XO-1s the help overall engagement around a strong project.
<CanoeBerry> But we'd need a mentor to demonstrate that here.
<CanoeBerry> Let's put this on hold until that mentor's found.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<christianabryant> i second the motion...  some emails might be good via rt to get some more concrete info...
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD until a mentor volunteers to help this project and/or stronger clarifying details come in around implementation.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks everyone for this late-day meeting!
<meeting> CanoeBerry: Error: "ADJOURNED." is not a valid command.
<CanoeBerry> Have a great weekend.
<christianabryant> you too.  thanks for having me.
<christianabryant> stefan, chat with you a sec?
<dogi> cu CanoeBerry
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