Curriculum Jam Fall 2007


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Curriculum Jams Fall 2007

We're holding a Curriculum Jam at several simultaneous international locations on the first weekend of October, October 5-7 (Fri-Sun). Learn more about Jams here.

How To Help

Interested in coordinating a local jam or helping out with one of the Jams below? Contact Mel! Interested in learning more? Sign up here and on the mailing list, and send a message to the mailing list introducing yourself.

If you're building a subjam page, please use the Jam wikitemplate. Game Jam Boston June 2007 has an example of usage.

Interested people/locations/organizations

Democratic Republic of Congo

See the main Curriculum Jam Kinshasa page here.


See the main Curriculum Jam Vancouver page here.

Southern California

  • Jose Moreno (Hacienda La Puente Unified School District)


See the main Curriculum Jam Boston page here.

  • The OLPC home office
  • Christian Torstensson (Coordinating)
  • Dan Gallagher (if still in the area)
  • Marco M :) -naturally.
  • Kevin Driscoll, Developing Curriculum Inc.

New York

See the main Curriculum Jam New York page here.


See the main Curriculum Jam Chicago page here.


See the main Curriculum Jam Manila page here.


See the main Curriculum Jam Nepal page here.


See the main Curriculum Jam Peru page here

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