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This is a description of how to disassemble the top portion of an XO laptop. This is part of the Disassembly section of the Troubleshooting Guide and Repair Manual.

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These instructions are also available in video format with English subtitles, courtesy of ILXO.

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PDF walkthrough

XO 1.5 Disassembly Top (33-page PDF, 4.7MB)

XO before disassembly

As a precaution, remember to remove the battery.

Before we begin
Remove the battery.

Removing the front panel

Step 1

Open the laptop and flip the screen up. Rotate it a 90 degree angle as shown in the sequence below. Next, remove the screws from the bottom of the screen - there are two on each side (right/left) of the XO, so make sure to get all four.

Flip screen up
Unscrew - remember, there are 4.

Step 2

Open the antennas. Slide the two green panels up toward the USB ports, then lift them off to the side.

Slide up
Lift off to the side

Step 3

Finally, pull off the front panel. It is tabbed, so it can simply be pulled out. Pull the bottom out (where the screws came out), and gently slide the piece downwards and out.

Note that the game pad is now free to fall out -- be careful not to lose it!

Removing the screen

Note that if the screen and motherboard aren't being changed, it is not necessary to actually disconnect the screen in order to access the motherboard. Follow step 1, then gently move the screen to perform the rest of the steps (to remove the back cover).

Step 1

To get the screen out, remove the four screws highlighted.


Step 2

Next, carefully slide the screen out, pulling the bottom out. Do not tug it or let go, as it will still be connected to the motherboard by two cables.

Slide out gently
Watch out for cables!

If you are just accessing the motherboard, and not replacing it or the display, do not unplug the display cables. Simply move the display slightly to access the back cover screws behind it. With every connect/disconnect cycle, there is a chance of damage to the display cable connectors on the motherboard. If you decide not to disconnect the screen, then after removing the back cover screws (which are behind the screen) the screen should be reattached with at least two screws in order to prevent damage to its cables or the connectors while moving the laptop.

The cable connectors have a black plastic bar holding the cable down. To unclamp the cable you have to lift that bar by tugging on the little tab away from the circuit board.

Unhook the cable
Watch out for this little cable, too.
Good to go!

Removing the back cover / reaching the motherboard

Step 1

Take out 4 screws
Turn over. Slide the back piece down towards the handle, then remove

Replacing the back cover

Step 1

Turn over. Replace the back plate.
Pick the right screw!
Turn over. Secure the back plate by putting in the four screws where indicated.

Replacing the screen

Step 1

Reattach the screen by sliding the connection cables into place and clipping them back down (it is generally easier to clip the thinner one that has a longer tether first). Reseat the screen, making sure that it sits flat and that none of the spacers are gone.

Clip little cable in
Clip big cable in

Gently slide screen back in
The screws with the large heads (4) go back in

Replacing the front panel

Step 1

Slide the front panel out for these hooks
The rest of the panel slides into place

Step 2

Slide the green side pieces back into place. Then, rotate the XO 90 degrees and put the remaining screws back. Don't forget that the screws go in on both sides (right/left).

Side panels slide back in place
Almost there!

Put screws (4) back in.

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