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As a bike tourist and commuter over the decade(s), the combination of a solar panel on the back bike trailer or paniers, and a dynohub generator on the front wheel sounds like an optimal synergy...

The XO's screen that works in direct sunlight is optimal for outdoor applications and considering how to fasten to the front of the bike (bar ends suggested) for a computer controlled next generation MicroShip Winnabiko type Linnabiko to be called XOBikePowered?...

Applying to Contributor Program

User:DancesWithCars will be applying with this idea to the Contributor program (and possibly elsewhere like dynohub manufacturers) for hardware and support.

Most people would not want someone taking apart a loaner XO machine, and the power experiments could fry stuff, so probably left over or broken parts, able to test what happens. The power output on the dynohub may be unsteady depending on spead and wide ranging.

The XO's 2 Watts is not a lot for a laptop usually in the 10 Watt range, but will see if can generate that biking and with occasional solar assist...

Sun Light Limitations

Given the occasional/ usual lack of sun in the NorthEast and necessary power requirements while bike touring (sometimes stopped at a paid campsite just for the power (and showering)), instead of a national parks Hiker Biker campsite...

Batteries are heavy weight to power ratio to consider

12 V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) motorcycle battery? Same Voltage as the car adapter?

Try recharging with solar panel(s) and dyno hub?

Or packs of NiMH AA or other size standard cells?

Making Waterproof/ Resistant

Electronics don't want to get wet, as they stop being fun after that... Looking for a food storage box to put electronics in. Maybe a hard mil surplus ammo case? If trailer goes over, then not likley to break, but high weight and conductive...

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