EC 4.0 Firmware


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Ver: 7 0.3.08

  • Make sure full flag is clear when SOC is < 95%
  • Up bad ACR read difference threshold to 20 counts
  • Come out of stop mode once in a while, to do housekeeping
  • adjust the timings for the EC_IRQ assertions

Ver: 7 0.3.07

  • Check battery EEPROM bank 0 values and fix them if wrong
  • Detect bad ACR register reads from the battery due to ESD and discard them
  • Generate 2 wake up interrupts to the SoC on resume. One to make it wake up and then a 2nd to actually make it start executing. Works around resume problems.

Ver: 7 0.3.06

  • Change battery over temperature indicator to be a pulse of dark (both LEDs off) rather than a pulse of red. Red is now exclusively for errors.
  • Fix typo in IO map causing LV_SET code to mess with EC_IRQ.
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