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EduBlog Guide

Setting Up Remote Blogs

This page is still too technical for testing.

New Blog Settings Explained

Try Creating a New Blog: Username - teacher (english) or teacheres (espanol)

  • Blog Name: Local name of the blog
  • Summary: The description of the blog assignment that appears when students try to create a blog post
  • Allow Comments: Whether students and teachers can comment on the blog posts
  • Maximum Visibility: Determines who can see the local blog
  • Select Remote Blog: Determines which external blog (ie to link to; "Local Only" means not to link to any other blog
  • Manage Remote Blog: Links to manage remote blog page - still has bugs, do not use yet
  • Synchronization Style: Determines how this blog links to the external blog; "Require Teacher Publishing" means that the ONLY way a post goes to the external blog is if a teacher or admin logs in visits the view page and clicks the publish option for that post; Mirror Local and Remote means that any posts that are visible to students in the local blog are automatically also published to the remote blog
  • Teacher Review Style: Determines whether and how to use teacher review; "Disable Teacher Review" forces all posts to directly go to the blog; "Allow Teacher Review" gives students the option to send to teacher for approval or directly send to the blog; "Require Teacher Review" forces students to send to the teacher for approval before the post appears to other students; The post being published to the external blog depends on the "Synchronization Style" setting

Posting to a Blog Explained

Try Posting to a New Blog: Username - student (english) or studentes (espanol)

  • Title: The title of the blog post
  • Message: The contents of the blog post (the editor mimic's Write, so hopefully no doc needed?)
  • Tags: Words or short phrases describing the post's content
  • Send To: Indicates whether to send to teacher or directly to the blog; The visible options depend on how the teacher configures the blog

Managing a Blog

Try Managing a Blog: Username - teacher (english) or teacheres (espanol)
Some of these options appear under each post

  • Edit: Allows the blog post to be edited
  • Delete: Deletes the blog post
  • Publish: Sends the post to the remote blog (shows if Synchronization Style is set to "Require Teacher Publishing")
  • Approve: Allows teachers to approve posts that used the send to teacher (shows if "Disable Teacher Review" is not selected)
  • Add Your Comment: Allows for commenting on post
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