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The interactive schoolbook that you can edit, update and improve.

Welcome to the EinsteinWiki. We love to learn.

Imagine your textbook containing video and audio snippets or interactive games. Here you can create such a cool "living textbook" yourself. Combine the recommanded content of the "Gold Dust" adventure [1] with your own topics, learnlinks, ideas and personal experience. Be curious and discover your passion for learning – become the next Einstein.

„I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein, 1952

Great Explorers

They set out into the unknown. Few explorers knew the path they had to take. As different as their goals were, something united them: Their courage, their determination and perseverance. Also you can become a great explorer. Choose your avatar, e.g. Marco Polo, [2] Kepler,[3] Einstein, [4] Da Vinci, [5] Michelangelo [6]... and experience a fascinating journey of discovery. Sailing the knowledge ocean - the Internet.

How to discover the Einstein Wiki. An Inspiration

1. Reading, surfing, linking is the magic formula.

Read the chapter as a whole, so that you can find out what's going on and enjoy the magnificent imagery of the GOLD DUST fantasy tale.

2. During your sailing tour through the fantasy story “GOLD DUST” you meet on undiscovered and unknown land - Islands of Knowledge - which are marked in the text in bold.

3. Explore the Island of Knowledge, the topic, as best you can from all sides and from different perspectives. Find out what hides behind it.

4. Dive in as deep as possible in the thematical focus and see the theme as a vast network of tree roots, that everything connects to everything else.

5. When you return from your trip you have a treasure chest filled with knowledge on board. Now you can sorting your treasures (links), share with others and get new ideas.

6. In the search for new discoveries, it does not keep you long in port. When you sail again and again of the endless sea of knowledge, you can build your own Knowledge Islands. Mark and discover your own Island.Interconnecting and combine the topic as much as you can.

7. Find the best educational links, which represent and discribe the topic in a vivid and understandable way. This could be well structured web pages, as well as videos, audios, photos, or even interactive games.

8. Be creative, be "Einstein", be a great explorer. Create your own world, the world you are interested in. We are curious to know your favorite learnlink.

9. Invite your friends, log in and join us.

Here begins your great journey of discovery:


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