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The failures of [laptop]laptop and ways of handling them Anyone with a laptop knows he would have to fix it someday, Llachshitklkl some reason, just because that's the nature Notebook laptop anywhere and Manny conditions - and therefore more exposed to errors. Sources mishaps of many laptop and we'll try to count them in this article also different ways to correct them.

Storage is not true Use case is not unlike the utmost in protective laptop could cost you dearly. Also note that leave us various objects such as pencils on the keyboard for the closing of a laptop with a pencil in it, may crack or break the screen. Have to carry a laptop with caution any time since it still more from my home.

Mechanical failures of the laptop are also common Because most of us bought a laptop to go with him in the office is vulnerable to malfunctions of falls, blows, shaking pressures. Such failures of laptop may be revealed only after a period of several days or weeks and it's hard to know exactly whether he received a laptop hit just off the floor, drag her immediate damage and repair or not. Strong mechanical failures of laptop could break the screen, damaged the hard disk and / or the motherboard.

Precipitation Who had never had any liquid spilled on the Keyboard raises a hand. Well? No one picked up. There's always something spilled on the keyboard of a laptop no matter what his name - coffee, raspberry, rain, rock the baby, what's not.

Cooling systems of the laptop did not like dust If the computer's cooling systems are completely open to allow passage of hot air out - very soon they may Lhistm, cause shutdown laptop sudden sharp stick in the middle of your work, while the least comfortable. So be sure to open the passages of air!

Hard disk of a laptop is a particularly delicate The hard disk is the heart of a laptop and a particularly careful not to hurt him, life is still shorter than in most other parts of the laptop so you should be careful not beaten up.

And more failures of a laptop there? Problems relating to an appropriate power supply or safety, problems relating to inappropriate use, eg using a portable computer hurts him. Preferably working on a laptop only when stationary.

We hope you enjoy using your laptop, but it is very important to keep the laptop and its safety instructions. And do not forget to back it up once in a while in order to prevent aggravation! The English language is currently a target language for the OLPC's localization efforts due to Nigeria, Rwanda & USA status for deployment.

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