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  1. Official site:
  2. Legal notice: Here's an issue for you to ponder upon. Imagine you meet a very keen enthusiast of OLPC, telling you s(h)e is OLPC in your country and if you would like to make a financial contribution. What would you do and should you ask yourself before going any further?

At OLPC Europe, as in other places, it has happened several times that the official legal entities of OLPC were informed that people make such false claims and are able to collect rather large sums of naive people and institutions. There is only 1 legal way to go forward and that is to get an official and written mandate from OLPC Europe and the money goes straight on the account of the OLPC Europe Headquarters. The advantage is that the people who donate get special tax or other incentives from the governments in their respective EU members states, so they will donate or invest more money and quicker. The donator/investors are also sure you're not stealing money from them. OLPC Europe will gladly transfer the money you and your team collected to your pre-approved initiatives and projects that you have discussed with them.

More: Contact OLPC Europe immediately.

What happens at the OLPC European Headquarters? Making use of what Brussels offers: the largest diplomatic hub in the world. Employees, trainees and volunteers at the OLPC EU HQ make sure all Embassies in Brussels are being visited, that there is a great relationship between the Embassie staff and OLPC so they are informed when their respective Ministers of Educations, Presidents, Kings, Queens and other despotes arrive and they get a change to meet them and lobby for OLPC. More: Read the website of OLPC Europe.

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