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Feature subcategory Category:Security, activation and deployability
Requesters User:Kimquirk
  • Must allow activation of XOs via wireless AP connection to a School Server
  • Must work with all APs which the XO can work with. In particular, must work with open, WEP, WPA and WPAv2 APs.
  • Should allow activation of many receiver XOs from a source XO. That is, the same as above but with the "server" being an XO.
  • Must allow addition of activation keys to the Activation Server via USB.
  • Should allow addition of activation keys to the Activation Server via network access.
  • Should make it possible for the deployment to perform all activation tasks without OLPC intervention.
  • See also image customization feature.
Specification See ticket #8976 Need to add wireless AP support and/or add XO as activation server support.
Owners Please indicate developers or champions supporting this request
Priority 1
Helps deployability? yes
Target for 9.1? yes
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