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We'd love to have your help this summer - regardless of what you have in mind, come talk to us!

Here are some suggestions:

Grassroots groups and pilots


  • your group would like to help build our collection of best practices

for grassroots organizations

  • you're interested in starting a pilot, grassroots group, or school

chapter for supporting 1-to-1 open-source computing initiatives for education, or

  • you would like to collaborate with any of the folks listed above,

Email with an idea, question, or proposal and the best way to reach you.

Local Community


  • your group is interested in developing a workshop with us
  • you're looking to mentor a younger student or just help out with our ongoing projects

Email with an idea, question, or proposal and the best way to reach you.

The Office

Eventually our office will exist. At that point office hours and events will be kept up-to-date.

Office rules:

  • no being awake between 3:00 and 7:00am
  • ILXO employees must get at least 1 hour of sunlight a day

Talk to Nikki

The Interwebs

  • Manage the Wiki?
  • Help out with webdesign, and other computer-y aspects of office maintenance?

Contact Andrea

By the way, feel free to visit our Team page - have a task for us? Make use of tickets!

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