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General Activity Info (for latest tested version)

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Activity group: Activities/G1G1 Activities/Peru
Short description:
Description, with bugs and features:
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Activity source (e.g., a git repo URL):
Available languages:
By language code: aa ab ae af ak am an ar as av ay az ba be bg bh bi bm bn bo br bs ca ce ch co cr cs cu cv cy da de dv dz ee el en eo es et eu fa ff fi fj fo fr fy ga gd gl gn gu gv ha he hi ho hr ht hu hy hz ia id ie ig ii ik io is it iu ja jv ka kg ki kj kk kl km kn ko kr ks ku kv kw ky la lb lg li ln lo lt lu lv mg mh mi mk ml mn mo mr ms mt my na nb nd ne ng nl nn no nr nv ny oc oj om or os pa pi pl ps pt qu rm rn ro ru rw sa sc sd se sg si sk sl sm sn so sq sr ss st su sv sw ta te tg th ti tk tl tn to tr ts tt tw ty ug uk ur uz ve vi vo wa wo xh yi yo za zh zu
Localization link:
Related projects:
Others on the project, w/ wikilinks:
URL for the .xo bundle:
Activity version number
Releases tested on: 7.1.0 (650) 7.1.1 (653) 7.1.2 (656) 8.1.0 (703) 8.1.1 (708) 8.2.0 (767) 8.2.1 Candidate
Bundle development status:

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