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Notes from Nigeria 4/07

L.E.A. Primary School GALADIMA

MUNICIPAL Area Council
F.C.T., Abuja
sir I am glad to write you this letter.
Sir please I want you to bring more laptop to other school in Abuja.
Because I want other students to learn too.
Thank you
your lovely students
have a nice day.

[NG Naria = 36 without the addresses]

Hello my President how are you and your family and ASO rock
The porpose of my letter is about may it is good to buy a laptop
for each Student in each school.

ENT you boy

[NG Naria = 29.50]

Inspired by an activity from the Porto Alegre school, I asked [the students] to write a letter to the president supporting the idea that all the children in Nigeria should have an XO or the idea that they should not have an XO. All the words with 1 to 3 characters would cost them 50 kobos (½ naira), and all other words were 1 naira. They only had 30 nairas to spend. Some of the letters were so lovely, regardless of how biased my activity was. The main idea was teamwork,... writing, and math. Many letters were much longer than they could afford, but the children found it hard to make them smaller and still deliver the message. For Primary 4, 30 Nairas was a good amount, but it was too short for the advanced children in Primary 4, 5, and 6. --Carla Gomez Monroy, Learning Consultant, OLPC

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Activity: XOs for All

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