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This page has a more up-to-date location: Active Antenna Reprogramming

Getting your Libertas Boot2 Firmware Version

  • Install lsusb (in fedora, that would be 'yum install usbutils')
  • run 'lsusb -v'
  • Look for your Marvell device, it should have these attributes:
 idVendor           0x1286 
 idProduct          0x2001 
 bcdDevice           31.02
  • The boot2 firmware version is the 'bcdDevice' field

Flashing from 3102 -> 3104

  • Get root
  • rmmod usb8xxx
  • insmod /path/to/usb8xxx.ko MfgFW=usb8388mfg.bin MfgUpdateBoot2=Boot2_Mfg_3104.img

* Wait until the insmod command exits

  • Reboot Now

If the insmod keeps running for a long time, say, more than 5 minutes, the process is hung and you will need to reboot and try again.

Flashing from 3104 -> 3102

  • Get root
  • rmmod usb8xxx
  • insmod /path/to/usb8xxx.ko UpdateBoot2=Boot2_Mfg_3102.img
  • Wait until the insmod command exits
  • Reboot Now

Note that the command to back-flash is different than the command to forward-flash

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