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The new in-place upgrade system (see Early boot) performs in-place upgrades via the olpc-update script. Sometimes an expert user might want to perform the steps manually to upgrade to some version currently living on another XO. Here's how:

# cp -rl /versions/running /versions/pristine/<new version>
# rsync -avcyOz --delete --numeric-ids root@<other host>:/versions/pristine/<new version> /versions/pristine/<new version>
# rsync -avcyOz --delete --numeric-ids root@<other host>:/versions/pristine/<new version> /versions/pristine/<new version>
# mv -f /versions/boot/current /versions/boot/alt
# ln -s /versions/pristine/<new version> /versions/boot/current


  • You'll need to give the root user a password on <other host> in order to be able to ssh into it.
  • Replace <new version> with the version named in the trailing part of the /versions/running symlink on <other host>. Usually it will be a long hash string.
  • The two rsync commands are identical. The second one is (was?) needed to work around ticket #3595; eventually it will be unnecessary.
  • Reboot the XO when you're done to start using the new OS version. If something goes wrong, you can recover back to your original OS version by booting with the 'O' game key held down.
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