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Testing session Melbourne 20 Nov 10



Invert color effect, either not intuitive or not working


insert image dialog falls behind the main window

insert image dialog restarts Sugar sometimes

OS363 au

music painter

does not conform to sugar ui:

  • quit does not autosave
  • renaming activity instance doesn't work

Wen’s Test Results: - After a compilation, if click the “sugar” Quit button, will be able to come back to this doc via Journal. But if quit using the musicpainter’s own Quit button, no save.

- The doc not saving to Journal, but only via musicpainter own save function.

- when use save, the OK and Save As buttons behave the same?

- When load in musicpainter, the file listing is not in time order, so can get to the last doc easily.

Turtleart v104

fails to start on saved projects

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