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Small mentoring organizations could offer E-mentoring and could help with fundraising.

Mentoring programs

The OLPC Foundation could cooperate (e.g.) with MENTOR and the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation to organize E-mentoring programs and to support small mentoring organizations.

Regional support organizations

Regional support organizations could help not contractually capable small mentoring organizations to manage their expenses and to accept funding from advertisement programs for their own budget and as fundraising for laptops. Advertisement links on mentoring web pages could, for instance, encompass references to recommended parent education courses. The regional support organization could act as a legal representative for and act on behalf of its member organization.

In Germany this could be (e.g.) a function of a, yet non-existent (but anticipatable), Schülermentoren-Jugendverband (youth federation of pupil mentors).

Some precedents for fundraising by children: 47 million € were raised in 2005 in the largest relief action by children for children in Germany.[1] The Trick-or-Treat UNICEF box has collected approximately $91 million dollars (CAD) in Canada and over $132 million (US) in the USA.[2] Food Force: Donations to the U.N. World Food Programme.

Regional support organizations in industrialized countries and regional support organizations in developing countries could network, which would allow mentoring organizations in industrialized countries to set up their own laptop programs and aim to provide laptops for recipient organizations they were in personal contact with. Collecting organizations could also donate a self-chosen part of the collected money to Unicef (or another charity from a selection of appropriate charities).

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