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Laptop News 2007-09-15

1. 인터넷과 위성 통신 분야의 30년 경력 베테랑 Thomas Jacobson이 초저비용 업데이트와 컨텐트 배포를 위한 위성 활용에 관해 이틀 간에 걸쳐 OLPC와 논의하였습니다. (See http://www.tcjnet.com/xosat.html)

1. Thomas Jacobson, a network consultant with over 30 years of experience with Internet and satellite communications, spent two days at OLPC discussing how we can best take advantage of satellites for very low-cost bit distribution (updates and content). He gave a talk on Thursday (See http://www.tcjnet.com/xosat.html).

2. Nortel CTO John Roese의 XO에 관한 블로그 글: See http://blogs.nortel.com/ctoblog/2007/09/12/one-laptop-per-child-where-in-the-world-is-that-cool-green-and-white-laptop).

2. Nortel CTO John Roese has been blogging about the XO (See http://blogs.nortel.com/ctoblog/2007/09/12/one-laptop-per-child-where-in-the-world-is-that-cool-green-and-white-laptop).

3. 현미경: 지난 주에 Robert Shapiro 교수가 Mary Lou Jepsen를 방문하여 매년 6백만명 이상의 희생자를 내는 HIV/AIDs, TB, 말라리아 진단을 위한 광학 현미경을 논의하였습니다. 놀랍게도 저배율 확대 만으로도 진단에 충분하였습니다. Barrett Comiskey도 돕고 있습니다.

3. Microscope: Professor Robert Shapiro visited Mary Lou Jepsen at OLPC last week to discuss more issues of optimal microscope design to allow the XO to provide diagnosis of HIV/AIDs, TB, and malaria, which kill more than six-million people every year, worldwide. Low-cost detection of these diseases could save many lives. Surprisingly, the key for detection is not high magnification; low magnification of a large image area and a dye coupled with violet-colored LEDs for illumination can be combined with image processing is sufficient. Professor Shapiro showed a prototype microscope to Mary Lou and discussed the basic requirements. Barrett Comiskey (whose has been designing a periscope) is also working on a low-cost microscope for the XO.

4. 테스팅: 슈가와 다양한 핵심 액티비티들의 번역이 열심히 진행 중입니다. 다국어 지원을 위해 Alex Latham and Rafael Ortiz는 John Palmieri와 더불어 작업하고 있습니다. Alex는 모든 국제 키보드 매핑을 테스팅하고 있습니다.

4. Testing: Translation of Sugar and the various core activities has begun in earnest. Alex Latham and Rafael Ortiz worked this week with John Palmieri to produce a build that properly supports multiple languages. (Spanish had been broken for the last few builds due to some translation problems.) Alex has plans for testing all of our international keyboard mappings.

There is now a link from the sidebar on the OLPC Wiki home page to “Test”, where you can get information on the latest build before you load it, test configuration notes, and review our current set of test plans. If you would like to help with our testing, there are lots of bug fixes that need verification and lots of test plans to get through.

5. 스케줄: 트라이얼-3에도 약간의 버그가 남아 있습니다. 월요일에 코드 프리즈를 하고자 하니, 많은 협조 바랍니다.

5. Schedule: There are still some bugs that need triage in Trial-3. We want to be at code freeze on Monday, so please do the best you can to get your bug fixes checked in this weekend. Starting Monday we want to get approval from Jim Gettys for every code change (bug fix) before committing.

6. 서스펜드/리줌 문제 해결: 특히 Chris Ball, Mitch Bradley, Javier Cardona, Jordan Crouse, Richard Smith, John Watlington, and Gary Chiang이 이 버그의 근본 원인을 찾아서 해결했습니다.

6. Suspend/resume problem resolution: This week the team working on the suspend/resume problems (including among others, Chris Ball, Mitch Bradley, Javier Cardona, Jordan Crouse, Richard Smith, John Watlington, and Gary Chiang) found the root cause of our “crashes upon resume” bug (the infamous bug #1835). The hardware was not allowing enough time after powering up the system clocks before bringing the Southbridge out of reset. This requires a minor hardware change to correct. A dozen machines in Cambridge have been modified, and are being used in the search for remaining suspend/resume problems. One of Chris Ball's tests passed 25,000 successful resumes in Open Firmware with the fix. Testing now shifts to wireless suspend/resume again (#1752).

7. 액티비티와 인프라스트럭처: 슈가, 텔레파시, 프레즌스 서비스, 저널과 데이터 스토어, 그리고 많은 시스템 컴포넌트들이 검수되었습니다.

  • 마임 타입 이노베이션을 제거하고, 적시에 적절한 액티비티들을 깨울 수 있게 되었습니다.
  • 비트프로스트 시큐리티 인프라스터럭처는 디폴트로 꺼진 상태로 빌드에 통합되어, 이제 보다 쉽고 빠르게 액티비티들을 검사할 수 있게 되었습니다.
  • Simon Schamijer는 브라우저의 숨김/보임 트레이 버튼과 소스보기 기능을 추가했습니다.
  • 그는 또한 ogg 파일을 연주하는데 Csound를 이용하는 Memorize Game의 사운드를 동작하게 만들었습니다.
  • Ranier Herres는 계산기 기능을 대폭 개선하였습니다.
  • 이토이 개선이 진행 중입니다.
  • Gnash이 버전 0.8.1로 갱신되었지만, 아직 넘어야할 특허 문제가 많이 남았습니다.
  • Measure 는 이제 다른 오디오 어플리케이션과 마찰없이 잘 작동합니다.
  • 탐탐은 세 구성요소 (TamTamJam, TamTamSynthlab and TamTamEdit)로 나뉘어 열심히 유저 인터페이스를 작성하고 있습니다.
  • Mark Maurer은 쓰기 액티비티의 버그를 수정하였습니다.
  • 읽기 액티비티는 이제 줌과 클립보드 복사를 지원합니다.

7. Activities and infrastructure: Many fixes for Sugar, telepathy, the presence service, the Journal and datastore, and various system components were checked in during the week:

  • Mime-type invocation was cleaned up in order to invoke the proper activities at the right time;
  • The security infrastructure for Bitfrost is now in the builds (turned off by default) to enable easier/faster testing of activity adherence to the security model;
  • Simon Schamijer added a hide/show tray button to the browser (which contains thumbnails of shared bookmarks) and a view-source feature in the browser (See Web_Browser);
  • Simon also got sound working in the Memorize Game, which uses Csound to play ogg files;
  • Ranier Herres completed a much improved version of the calculator, including plotting of functions;
  • Improvement on Etoys continues: Bert Freudenberg has been keeping up changes in Sugar and the datastore; Kathleen Harness, Kim Rose and Yoshiki Ohshima worked on quick-help contents; Takashi Yamamiya adjusted the color picker and fonts to the XO display; Ted Kaehler is fixing the painting system; and Scott Wallace fixed various issues around fonts and scriptors.
  • Gnash has been updated to Version 0.8.1; it is much improved, although patent concerns still prevent us from shipping the ffmpeg library used by many common codecs (the Adobe Flash player has also been tested extensively);
  • Measure can now be safely used with other audio applications, thanks in part to an audio-driver cleanup that Andres Salomon has completed (the driver allows for independent control of the bias voltage and AC/DC coupling); Arjun Sarwal and Eben Eliason have modified the user interface to use a graphical representation of functions to encourage children to “see what this button does.”
  • The TamTam team, led by Jean Piché, has been busy: TamTam has been split into three activities—TamTamJam, TamTamSynthlab and TamTamEdit—each with a massively reworked user interface;
  • Mark Maurer fixed bugs in the Write Activity, most notably some synchronization bugs that manifest themselves during collaborative writing sessions; Marc Oude Kotte fixed some bugs in libabiword; and
  • The Read Activity now support zoom and copy to the clipboard.

8. Keyboards: Sarmad Hussain, Tariq Badsha, Babar Haq, Salman Minhas, Naveed Ikram, and Sufyan Kakakhel have been advising Walter Bender on the design of an Urdu keyboard for Pakistan. Enkhmunkh Zurgaanjin has done the same for Mongolian.

9. X 윈도우 시스템: 이디오피아 지원이 개선되고 있습니다.


10. 커널: Andres Salomon은 오디오 드라이버 코드를 수정, (음성녹음 장치를 열고 닫을 때의 문제, HPF와 V_REF 수정등). 또, VMware 사용자를 위한 es1371 모둘, 배터리가 없을때의 처리기능등을 stable 소스 트리로 제출하였습니다. 기타 이번주의 주요 결과물은 다음과 같습니다. Angres가 여러가지 조작을 통해서 건전지의 ACR 값을 사용하는 기능을 테스트하기 시작하였습니다.

10. Kernel: Andres Salomon committed audio-driver fixes (the capture device should now be in a sane state when the device is opened/closed, HPF and V_REF are no longer coupled, etc.), enabled the es1371 module for VMware users, and included a missing battery feature (accumulated_current) into the stable tree. The other major effort this week was in support of fine-tuning power usage; Andres has started working on tests using the battery's ACR registers to get better measurements of power savings that result from various tweaks.

11. Updates: Scott Ananian pushed manifests, upgrades, and OS signing into the build process and is working on updating our activation process with “real” cryptography. Scott also documented Eben Eliason and Rebecca Allen's startup UI design (See Startup_Sequence) and split it into a number of manageable implementation steps.

12. Firmware: Mitch Bradley continuing work this on firmware security, and on better tools for checking NAND FLASH integrity. Two bugs consumed 98% of Richard Smith's time this week: (1) the resume problem as reported above, which was resolved; and (2) a mysterious “turn off” problem—the core of the problem is that the timing used by the embedded controller (EC) to assert the PWR_BUT# signal is based a loop counter rather than a timer; Richard is looking into fixing this.

13. 월드 디지털 라이버러리: John van Oudenaren and Michelle Rago의 지휘 하에 10월 15일 유네스코 총회에서의 시연을 위한 준비를 7개국어 라이버러리 인터페이스를 마감하고 있습니다. 이 시연은 세계 각지로부터 60 기가바이트의 자료를 끌어오는데, 인도 역사가 하이라이트 입니다. 그들은 이 시연을 세 기기에서 보여줍니다: XO, 클라스메이트, 그리고 아이폰입니다.

13. World Digital Library: The World Digital Library team, under the direction of John van Oudenaren and Michelle Rago, is finishing a working model of their visual seven-language library interface this month in preparation for a public demonstration at the UNESCO general conference October 15. The demonstration will draw on 60GB of materials from around the world, with highlights from the history of India. They will be showcasing the demo on three devices: the XO, the Classmate, and the iPhone.

14. Help wanted: ePals wants to hire a Python developer next week to finish a Sugarized activity that offers access to their PenPal services. They have a design almost completed, and expect this to be around 40 hours of work. The Library of Congress is considering up to three unpaid internships this fall with office space in their Science and Technology Sections, to identify educational and illustrative materials in the public domain and to get digital versions of them online and bundled for their own website and for OLPC collections. This is an opportunity to have unlimited access to their stacks and to get experience with modern digitization processes. Contact SJ Klein (sj at laptop dot org) for details regarding both positions.

15. 이디오피아 텍스트: Emma Shercliffe of Macmillan and Ignatz Heinz of Avallain은 이번 달에 언어 학습 도구와 아디스 팀을 위한 이디오피아 텍스트와 자료 수집 작업을 마무리하고 있습니다. Macmillan은 아프리카의 로컬 팀들과 더불어 교육부와 학교들을 돕는데 관심이 있습니다. 그들은 그 곳의 거의 절반에 가까운 지역에 지역 저자와 출판 지사들을 보유하고 있습니다.

15. Ethiopian texts: Emma Shercliffe of Macmillan and Ignatz Heinz of Avallain are finishing work on a language-learning tool this month, and a collection of Ethiopian texts and materials for the team in Addis. They will make this material available to the world. Macmillan is also interested in working with local teams across Africa to help share their experiences working with education ministries and schools; they have local authors and publishing branches in around half of the countries there.

16. 문자 인식: Kaiserslautern 의 컴퓨터 과학 교수인 Thomas Breuel은 구글을 북 스캐닝 프로젝트에서 어려운 문자 인식 문제들을 다루고 있는데, XO 터치패드에 손으로 쓴 글자를 인식하는 기능을 테스트하고 있습니다.

16. Character recongnition: Thomas Breuel, a computer science professor at Kaiserslautern who is working on some of the harder character-recognition problems for Google's book scanning project, has been testing a handwriting-recognition application with the XO touchpad.

17. 이메일 클라이언트: Mark Doffman은 Tinymail을 위한 파이썬 바인딩을 작업하고 있는데, XO를 위한 프러덕션 클라이언트를 마무리하기 위한 실질적인 "슈거라이제이션"에서 도움을 받고 있습니다.

17. Email client: Mark Doffman has been working on the Python bindings for Tinymail. He could use some help with the actual “Sugarization” to complete a production client for an XO (See http://pvanhoof.be/blog/index.php/2007/09/05/python-bindings-of-tinymail and http://mail.gnome.org/archives/tinymail-devel-list/2007-September/msg00000.html).

18. 오프라인 위키: moulin-wiki의 Renaud Gaudin은 (오픈소스 데이터 마이닝 그룹) Linterweb에서 프랑스 개발팀 및 프랑스 위키피디언들과 작업하고 있습니다. 그들은 오프라인 위키 리더를 구성하고 있습니다.

18. Off-line wiki: Renaud Gaudin of moulin-wiki is working with the French development team at Linterweb (an open-source data-mining group) and the French Wikipedians. Together, they are building an off-line wiki reader.

More News

'노트북 뉴스는 '노트북 뉴스에 아키브됩니다.

laptop.org 메일맨 사이트를 방문하여, OLPC 커뮤니티-뉴스 메일링 리스트에 가입할 수 있습니다.

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