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2007 status: yellow
current status : jaune



About OLPC France

OLPC France is a group of around 15 people supporting the OLPC project in different ways:

  • promote the OLPC project in France,
  • develop specific content,
  • support every French initiative on the project,
  • exchange with OLPC Foundation and OLPC country communities.

If you're interested by the OLPC project, by the XO or if you have any project around developement, research or education, do not hesitate to join us !


OLPC France gather people from various backgrounds: hackers from the /tmp/lab (some of them working on the OpenWRT project), people with a strong interest in pedagogy, some with a deep experience with Squeak/Etoys/Logo, others having a strong interest in international collaboration, etc.

Ongoing projects

(For a recent list of projects, check the french wiki.)

  • We launched an ideas contest which will end in september
  • We are now an official repair center for XOs

Planned actions

  • CodeCamp on Sugar at La Cantine
  • LiveCD distribution
  • Pilot school

Contact us

For more information, you can reach us on the OLPC France mailing list and visit our wiki.


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