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MB, Canada Repair Center
xorepairs (at) boing (dot) ca

This repair center is still being set up. Thank you for your patience.


This repair center is operated by a support gang volunteer out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada.


The following are members of the repair center:


Please sent all inquires to xorepairs (at) boing (dot) ca


We follow the pricing recommended by OLPC, converted to Canadian Dollars. It is as follows:

  • For a tested screen: $__
  • Battery: $__
  • ALPS Touchpad: $__
  • Keyboard: $__
  • Power adapter: $__

In addition, the following services can be provided:

  • Fix bad motherboard batteries and the bricking that occurs because of it. - $__
  • Upgrade to the software build of your choice (703, 852, etc.) (This may cause loss of data) - $__
  • Replacing the backplate of your XO to the colours of your choice (Depending on availability) - $__

If any of the above three are purchased in conjunction with another service, your price is reduced by 10CAD.

Shipping/handling not included.

Shipping estimates:

  • Return shipping is under $18CAD to most urban centers, Canada Post insurance is an additional $3CAD.
  • International shipping varies.

Repair process

For reference, here is our repair cycle, from start to finish:

  1. Donor (that's you!) sends an email to the address listed above - if you have previously contacted help@laptop.org about the issue, please include your ticket number
  2. We'll reply within 2 days with a tentative diagnosis and shipping details
  3. Donor mails XO, optional components, cheque, and a signed terms of service to the address mentioned in the mail
  4. We'll send an email when we process your laptop from the incoming mail queue. This may be 1 to 3 business days after your packages delivery.
  5. We'll send a followup email when we return your laptop.


We have an OLPC Serial Adapter and can fix D6 brickings.

We currently have 2 full sets of XO-1 parts.

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