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OLPC Firmware Release q7b08

Works on XO-4 B1 and C1 only. Do not use on XO-4 A or other models.

Download q7b10.rom
Build date time 2013-01-02 16:39:44
Source revision 3506
EC version 0.3.07
CForth version bbdf8572
WLAN 8686 version 9.0.7.p2
WLAN 8787 version 14.66.09.p80


Open Firmware

* 3505, EC Code 0.3.07
* 3504, OLPC XO-4 - touchscreen, change to version, which caused a few more timing changes, requiring some fixes to the driver.
* 3502, OLPC XO-4 - fix support for non-touchscreen SKUs, compatible with touchscreen SKUs, treats TOUCH_HD# signal as active high, since the touchscreen controller is pulling the signal low in normal operation, momentarily enables a pull-down in conflict against the permanent pull-up, in order to sample the signal properly. Requires a BOM change for C2.  Harmless on C1. ticket #12391,
* 3500, OLPC - allow a touchscreen, if present, to prevent automatic test execution after left rocker key, ticket #11817,




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