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 Country Information
 ISO Country Code HT
 Wikipedia Article Wikipedia Link
 Government Support Sponsored Trials
 Deployment Demonstration (under 50 machines)
 Keyboard Layout US and Kreyòl/French Layouts
 Written Kreyòl/Haitian Creole(ht)
 Spoken Kreyòl/Haitian Creole(ht)
 Secondary Written French (fr)
 Secondary Spoken French (fr)

The vast majority of XOs in Haiti originate from a 2008 pilot program co-financed by the Give One Get One program and the Inter-American Development Bank.[1] Since the the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, dozens of smaller pilots and grassroots efforts have continued the implementation of XOs in Haiti. The OLPC map currently lists over 30 deployments in six of the ten geographical departments of Haiti. Major challenges in the deployment of XOs in Haiti include lack of widely available internet and electricity, school damage due to earthquakes, and localization of software and course material to Haitian Creole.

Primary Language Kreyol
Number of Laptops 13700
Keyboard Layout OLPC French Keyboard
Build 7.1.2 (656), 8.1.0 (703)
Date(s) Arrived in Country
School Server none
Deployment Status Target of 13.7K XOs, release 8.1.0 or later.

Actual amount deployed unknown.

Deployments and Trials

Sponsor Dates Location Laptops Description
Inter-American Development Bank 2008 InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) is planning a wide trial of 13,200 laptops. IDB is contributing $3,000,000, OLPC is contributing $2,000,000 (presumably in laptops from G1G1), and SES Global is donating bandwidth.
Waveplace February 20, 2008 Port-au-Prince 700

See videos and field notes. Laptops used used US keyboards from G1G1 program.

Waveplace June 2009 Petite Rivière Des Nippes 23
Waveplace Spring 2010 Île de la Gonâve, Archaie, Léogâne, Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes 170

24 schools

Port-au-Prince At College Mixte de l'Experience, young school north of Port-au-Prince's airport experimenting with XOs.
Haitian-American Caucus Croix-des-Bouquets At the Ecole Shalom.
Child in Hand March 2012 Port-au-Prince, Grand-Goave Child in Hand sponsored deployments at Mission of Hope Intl. in Grand-Goave (map) and the ORAEDH orphanage in PAP (map).

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Facts about OLPC HaitiRDF feed
Deployment status Target of 13.7K XOs, release 8.1.0 or later. Actual amount deployed unknown.
Keyboard OLPC French Keyboard  +
Language spoken Kreyol  +
Number of manufactured laptops 13,700  +
School server status none  +
Software release 7.1.2 (656)  +, and 8.1.0 (703)  +
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