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  • There are three deployments in Madagascar:
students of Antintorona school (Nosy Komba) with their XOs
    • One in Nosy Komba Nosy_Komba, where OLPC France and a french association of students "G du Coeur" started a deployment in july 2009. Now there are 160 XOs and a XS there and a new team will be sent there in summer 2011 to go further on with the project.
    • Another deployment takes place in Ambatoharanana [[1]]. It was led by OLPC Corps Africa through OLPC Ampitso (a team from two DC-area schools)[2]
    • A first deployment of 15 XOs laptops took place in the village serving five schools in Maroantsetra Madagascar/Maroantsetra, Madagascar. Others have started additional pilots in the region.

Primary Language French
Number of Laptops 295
Keyboard Layout OLPC English Keyboard
Date(s) Arrived in Country 2009, 2010
School Server
Deployment Status three deployments ongoing.
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