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2007 status: yellow


News and upcoming Events


Status about project and how is doing what is here


  • FOSDEM 2008 OLPC Europe 1th meeting Duitstalig artikel dat een aardig beeld geeft van de 1e OLPC Europe meeting tijdens FOSDEM 2008. Met foto's van enkele OLPC NL enthousiastelingen, waaronder Europa's jongste XO expert. 24 februari 2008 op Heise.de.
  • NRC next, 10 January 2008 - coverstory on OLPC, pro's and con's of the initiative and technical details on the XO. Bine 04:04, 10 January 2008 (EST)


We are grassroots[1], thus no big organization. We are currently a group of people, interested in the OLPC project, trying to find like-minded people with diverse expertises (software development, pedagogics, international relations, etc.) and backgrounds, to interconnect and accomplish projects together. Everybody who wants to contribute with his or her input of ideas and workpower, is welcome. We neither operate memberships nor a budget as an organization.

OLPC-NL To Do List - These are tasks we'd like to accomplish, in order to get OLPC NL started up and keep it running. Please have a look and see if you can help with any of the to-do's or add any to-do's that you think are important.

The Educational landscape in the Netherlands

  1. www.ehumanities.knaw.nl - Research Institute - manage to get a lot of EU Grants.
    1. Coordination OLPC Community eHumanities


We aim to have all information available on this Wiki - please keep it up to date and use it as a platform to work with each other.
When writing something on the Wiki, please finish off with 4 times '~', which will leave a user/time-stamp.
In case you open a new project, add another important section or update to the page, please send out a quick messge via the OLPC-NL mailinglist and include a link to the updated Wikipage. Thanks.

Old Mailing List

The this are not functional anymore (coorect data under contact) :


We aim to have monthly meetings - they usually take place on the third Saturday of the month, between 2 and 6 pm.
Please have a look at OLPC-NL meetings to see when and where the next one is taking place and subscribe to our mailinglist to receive the invitations on time. Active participation in setting up the agenda and spreading the word about our gatherings is highly appreciated. Also, if you know about locations free of charge, where we can spend a Saturday afternoon, please let us know (needs: gratis, a white wall for using a beamer, wireless internet, space for about 30 people, easy to reach with public transport; preferably, but not necessarily: horeca and a somewhat child-friendly setting). Bine 05:11, 20 January 2008 (EST)


Follow our Discussions here.


I can update, recover and repair you XO. Look here for more information.

Please read [more ].

User:Marten 07:13, 30 June 2008 (UTC)

(Frequently) Asked Questions

Q: What is the OLPC? Is it real?
A: Anwsered by Nicholas Negroponte where he lays out the details of his nonprofit One Laptop Per Child project (bron TED.com, 18 minutes video). [2]

Q: How many kids are in primary school?
A: 1.549.460 in the year 2005/2006 (bron CBS.nl [3]).

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