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Who's got what

Where are the laptops?
Laptop Serial Number Who Where Project
Karora Andrew McMillan Wellington Testing 8.2-767
Loco CSN74701D32 Nicoletta (June 2010) Auckland XO-1 translating to Tongan
Pyro SHF8150259E Andrew ruthven Wellington Testing 8.2.1, build 802B5, firmware Q2E41
Simba CSN74802FFC Tom Auckland XO-1, faulty keyboard, replaced bottom section with that from Tank
Shrek SHF81502638 Tom Auckland XO-1
Rocco CSN7480015B Tim Wellington XO-1, Testing 8.21, build 767, firmware Q2E18
Moodle Tom Auckland XO-1, this laptop has a replaced battery
Josh CSN749028BA Greg Baker (October 2010) Christchurch XO-1 Testing 8.21 - build 802, firmware Q2E41
Tio SHF7250080F Tim (20 Sept 2010) Wellington XO-1, Testing 8.21 - build 802, firmware Q2E41
Pogo CSN74802463 Tim (20 Sept 2010) Wellington Testing 8.2-767
Zephyr SHF80802932 Someone in Wellington Wellington Testing on....656
Rambo CSN74802145 missing. Wellington XO-1, translating to Maori
Mojo CSN74701F41 Tom Auckland XO-1
Twilight CSN74804BF8 Tom Auckland XO-1
Monkey CSN74804D7E Fabiana Kubke Auckland XO-1 testing Build 18 customized, Sugar 0.90.0, firmware Q2E45
Ollie SHC937010DB missing Wellington XO-1.5 B2, translating to Serbian
Shadow SHC93701143 Brenda wallace Auckland XO_1.5_B2, does not turn on, suspect #10314
Aslan SHC93701128 Tim (20 Sept 2010) Wellington XO-1.5 B2, Testing on 0.84.14, build 116, Q3A35
Poppy-Copy SHC9370114B John Auckland XO-1.5 B2, wifi stoped working, fixed after re-seating wifi card
Camelot SHC937010FF Alli Wellington XO-1.5 B2, Testing on 0.84.16, build 852, Q3A48
Anna CSN75000DC0 Tom Auckland XO-1
Tux CSN75002073 Tom Auckland XO-1
me SHF7250056A Greg Baker (October 2010) Christchurch Starting testing community
Milo SHC0050090D Tim Wellington XO-1.5, Testing on 0.84.2, build 201 customised, firmware Q3A33
Ada SHC00500850 Greer Wellington XO-1.5, Testing on 0.84.2, build 201 customised, firmware Q3A33
Tank SHC005008D1 Tom Auckland XO_1.5_C2, faulty wifi, bottom half returned to Quanta with Bonnie's AVC touchpad, bottom half and wifi replaced thanks to olpc Australia. Does not turn on, suspect #10314
Ivy SHC016013FB Tom Auckland XO-1.5 SKU99
Greg SHC03701A9B Gregory Baker Christchurch XO-1.5 from OLPC Australia for New Zealand Computer Society
Bonnie SHC1290005D Tom Auckland XO_1.75_B1, SKU199, Motherboard 1B1, HS Keyboard, Faulty RTC, Supplied with AVC touchpad - swapped with Synaptic touchpad from Tank
Clyde SHC12901A3D Tom Auckland XO_1.75_B1, SKU198, Motherboard 1B2
Sundance SHC14300977 Tom Auckland XO_1.75_C1, SKU201, Motherboard 1C1, HS Keyboard
Kid SHC14300996 Tom Auckland XO_1.75_C1, SKU202, Motherboard 1C1, plastic covered membrane keyboard, AVC touchpad
Rosella SHC1430140E Tom Auckland XO_1.5 SKU104, AVC touchpad, from olpc Australia
Hoiho SHC205000F6 who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU203
Kokako SHC205000FD Stan Swan Wellington XO_1.75_C2, SKU203
name SHC20500120 who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU203
Karearea SHC2050011E who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU203
name SHC20500126 who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU203
Whio SHC2050025B who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU204
Kotare SHC2050025D Tabitha Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU204
Moa SHC2050026A Tom Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU204
Mohua SHC20600130 who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU204
Kiwi SHC20600190 who Auckland XO_1.75_C2, SKU204
name SHC23800038 Tom Auckland XO_4
Battery 00802091020110003534 Tom Auckland Replacement Battery from I Love My XO
Solar Panel Stan Swan Wellington

More NZ birds to name the XO-1.75 C2 laptops... Karearea, Mohua

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