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This is an idea that might be useful one day for OLPC or similar projects.

An OLPC Shop could sell a collection of gifts with a low to medium production cost but a very significant donation component under a protected brand.

Obviously the OLPC Shop should be a certified OLPC fundraiser.


Other gifts

  • The OLPC as an e-book reader (possibly without a keyboard and only e-book software). The retail price of the Kindle is $399, which could pay for a second OLPC (as in G1G1).
  • The OLPC watch - for people who like to look at their "watch" at others with great care. (G1G1: get one watch, give one laptop)
  • The Wikibooks puzzleball showing children with XO laptops and a Wikibooks and/or OLPC logo.
  • One could cooperate with LimeWire and allow artists to sell their music through the software, e.g. with 70% of the revenues going into the Special Laptop Program. (A very plausible connection between "music" and music, one could say, which is also in line with the view that "replicators" [1] should be charities.) Artists could be given the choice to use DRM or to ask for payment in exchange for a "valid ownership tag" in the file, which would be playable without the tag. [2] Musicians could also accept responsibility for creating a major source of distractions for pupils, which could be seen as a reason to promote education (comparable to a voluntary CO2 emission fee for airline passengers).
See also: Charityware/CSL#Electronic Publishing Charity Source License (EPCSL)

External links

  • bookzilla.de donates the commission (5%) for books bought through the site to the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe).

  1. ^  A badly defined term, of course, and just a view, not the view of anybody specific.
  2. ^  The German band BAP has made a song available for WorldVision [Noh Gulu], The German Red Cross distributes a free CD every year before christmas [herzen oeffnen], together with a money transfer order for donations.

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