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최근의 기사가 위로 오게끔 편집에 참여해 주세요.


2007년 2월

  • ABC Radio (Australia): abc.net.au One Laptop per Child in Australia
  • The Australian (Australia): PDF | news.com.au Aussie kids may get a laptop each
  • Sunday Mail (Adelaide, Australia): PDF | news.com.au Laptop astounds student.
  • Triple J's Hack (Australia): mp3 | Interview with Jim Gettys on Australian radio about OLPc.

2006년 8월

  • zdnet: Trials to begin within weeks, "Trials start everywhere at the same time," in Nigeria in September and Thailand in October, the "B-Machines", should be produced in November, he added. These devices will be "tested to destruction".

2006년 6월

  • "infoworld.com" Nigeria buys... reports, Nigeria buys into $100 laptop concept.
This was a premature announcement. Walter 16:07, 31 July 2006 (EDT)

2006년 5월

April 2006

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