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We picked Lewiston, Maine as a possible school system because we found data suggesting it's incidence of restraint is higher than the norm. We also have experience in Maine based on work to update the regulations there. After we learn from this first city, we should be able to apply a similar methodology to other school systems.

The campaign will be a success when:

  • The regulations in Lewiston are updated to conform to the new state wide regulations.
  • There is a group of parents and others in Lewiston who are empowered to continue tracking and working on this issue.
  • We have documented the process of the campaign and can replicate it in other school systems.



Contact Greg gregsmithpm at gmail dot com for help with tasks or more information.

To Do List

Less than 30 Minute Tasks

The task above is currently being worked on, please pick a different task or do this work on a different city or town. Gregorio 13:47, 10 December 2012 (UTC)

  • Write overview of the data (e.g. what are the key points, how does it compare to statewide data)
  • Find and post links to Lewiston school system policies and special education programs.
  • Find e-mails and if possible names of parents in Lewiston who are involved in Special Education. Save them but don't post them online.
  • Collect contact names and e-mails addresses of people we want to influence (mostly school board members). Save them but don't post them online.
  • Research news and artciles on education in Lewiston.
  • Search for contacts in the provider community and at the state level who are motivated to help in Lewiston

30 - 60 minute Tasks

  • Think about the 30 minute tasks, add detail, add new ones and break them down in to smaller sub-tasks.
  • Update and edit the campaign objectives and purpose. Explain why Lewiston and why we, as outsiders, should be involved there.
  • Write the first draft table of contents for a packet of information we can share with parents and others in Lewiston. It should express concern for the issue, identify gaps in policies and offer resources and ways to make things better

Other open areas of work

  • When the message and people to deliver it are final, reach out to the school board and administration
  • Leave behind a group of empowered parents and others who can continue to work in the community. Get regular updates on how it's going and support them.
  • Once we run a campaign like this in one city or town, we document how to do and move on to the next one.
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