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This page contains links to the template files for the new — as of January, 2007 — www.laptop.org website. Translators, please note that these are template files.

  • Copy these files into a PO file specific to your target language; don't edit in-line on this page. For instance, a Spanish translation of the top level of the site should be placed at PO-laptop.org-top-level-es.
  • Also, please add the following category tags to your translation files:
[[Category:PO files|nl]]

The PO files are organized by sections:

Basic terms common to many pages, and pages that represent the top level of the website hierarchy:


Individual sections:


Auxilliary pages:


When translating, do not change the msgid strings; do translate the text in quotes after the msgstr tokens. For instance:

# original #translated
msgid "cat" >> becomes >> msgid "cat"
msgstr "cat" msgstr "gato"

If you have suggestions as to how we can improve the website, please make your comments on the discussion pages that accompany these pages.

  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-top-level-nl current english


#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: OLPC website files Version 2.0\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-03-11 12:00-0500\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-05-21 21:50+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Ed Schouten <ed@fxq.nl>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"


# general terms and content used on many pages

msgid "align"
msgstr "left"

msgid "lang"
msgstr "nl"

msgid "xml:lang"
msgstr "nl"

msgid "olpc"
msgstr "Een Laptop per Kind (OLPC)"

msgid "titletext"
msgstr "een $100 laptop voor de educatie van de kinderen van de wereld"

msgid "description"
msgstr "Een Laptop per Kind (OLPC) is een nieuwe, non-profit organisatie die toegewijd is tot het verrichten van ontwikkeling van een laptop van $100, een techniek die revolutionair kan zijn voor de manier waarop we kinderen onderwijzen."

msgid "keywords"
msgstr "OLPC, One Laptop per Child, Een Laptop per Kind, laptop, educatief voorstel, vrijwillig bijdragen, kinderen, kinderen die zich uitdrukken, kinderen die zich verbreden, kinderen die leren, bronnen voor kinderen, educatie, OLPC Wiki, OLPC leervisies, open source programmatuur, non-profit organisatie, humanitair project, OLPC stichting."

msgid "copyright"
msgstr "Inhoud is beschikbaar onder de <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/" target="_blank">Creative Commons Attribution 2.5</a> licentie"

msgid "copyrightnolink"
msgstr "Inhoud is beschikbaar onder de Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licentie"

msgid "skiplink"
msgstr "Spring naar inhoud"

msgid "logo"
msgstr "terug naar de hoofdpagina"

msgid "readmore"
msgstr "lees meer"

msgid "viewtimeline"
msgstr "bekijk de tijdlijn"

msgid "vision"
msgstr "visie"

msgid "visionlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar visie"

msgid "mission"
msgstr "missie"

msgid "missionlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar missie"

msgid "progress"
msgstr "progressie"

msgid "progresslink"
msgstr "koppeling naar progressie"

msgid "news"
msgstr "nieuws"

msgid "newslink"
msgstr "koppeling naar nieuws"

msgid "people"
msgstr "mensen"

msgid "peoplelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar mensen"

msgid "laptop"
msgstr "laptop"

msgid "laptoplink"
msgstr "koppeling naar laptop"

msgid "hardware"
msgstr "apparatuur"

msgid "hardwarelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar apparatuur"

msgid "software"
msgstr "programmatuur"

msgid "softwarelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar programmatuur"

msgid "interface"
msgstr "gebruikersinterface"

msgid "interfacelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar interface"

msgid "design"
msgstr "ontwerp"

msgid "designlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar ontwerp"

# please note that we are referring to the foundation as "participate" on the page, hence the mismatch between the id and the string below.
msgid "foundation"
msgstr "stichting"

msgid "foundationlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar stichting"

msgid "purpose"
msgstr "doel"

msgid "purposelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar doel"

msgid "program"
msgstr "programma"

msgid "programlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar programma"

msgid "participate"
msgstr "meedoen"

msgid "participatelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar meedoen"

msgid "propose"
msgstr "voorstel"

msgid "proposelink"
msgstr "koppeling naar voorstel"

msgid "children"
msgstr "kinderen"

msgid "childrenlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar kinderen"

msgid "olpcwiki"
msgstr "olpc wiki"

msgid "olpcwikilink"
msgstr "koppeling naar OLPC wiki"

msgid "career"
msgstr "carrière"

msgid "careerlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar carrière"

msgid "contact"
msgstr "contact"

msgid "contactlink"
msgstr "koppeling naar contact"

msgid "sitemap"
msgstr "site plattegrond"

msgid "sitemaplink"
msgstr "koppeling naar site plattegrond"

msgid "languages"
msgstr "talen"

msgid "languageslink"
msgstr "koppeling naar talen"

msgid "altlogo"
msgstr "logo: one laptop per child"

msgid "altlogofoundation"
msgstr "logo: one laptop per child stichting"

msgid "educationalproposition"
msgstr "educatief voorstel"

msgid "FAQ"
msgstr "veel gestelde vragen"

msgid "designedby"
msgstr "Ontworpen door"

msgid "poweredby"
msgstr "Verzorgd door"

msgid "highlights"
msgstr "hoogtepunten"

msgid "features"
msgstr "eigenschappen"

msgid "specs"
msgstr "specificaties"

msgid "benefits"
msgstr "voordelen"

msgid "principles"
msgstr "principes"

msgid "demo"
msgstr "demonstratie"

msgid "developers"
msgstr "ontwikkelaars"

msgid "exploring"
msgstr "verbreden"

msgid "expressing"
msgstr "uitdrukken"

msgid "learning"
msgstr "leren"

msgid "resources"
msgstr "bronnen"

msgid "December"
msgstr "December"

msgid "November"
msgstr "November"

msgid "October"
msgstr "Oktober"

msgid "September"
msgstr "September"

msgid "August"
msgstr "Augustus"

msgid "July"
msgstr "Juli"

msgid "June"
msgstr "Juni"

msgid "May"
msgstr "Mei"

msgid "April"
msgstr "April"

msgid "March"
msgstr "Maart"

msgid "February"
msgstr "Februari"

msgid "January"
msgstr "Januari"

# These pages (vision, laptop, foundation, and children) are used for the top level of the hierarchy

#: vision.html

msgid "visiontitle"
msgstr "Visie: Kinderen in ontwikkelingslanden worden onvoldoende opgeleid"

msgid "visiondescription"
msgstr "Bijna twee miljard kinderen in ontwikkelingslanden worden onvoldoende opgeleid. De individuele en sociale consequenties van deze chronische globale crsis zijn groot. Deze kinderen zijn gedoemd tot een leven van armoede en isolatie."

msgid "visionkeywords"
msgstr "OLPC, One Laptop per Child, laptop, educatie, traditionele educatie, armoede, isolatie, leren, scholen bouwen, leraren huren, boeken kopen, ervaring binnen het onderwijs, computer, programmeerbaar werktuig."

msgid "visionp1"
msgstr "“Het is een onderwijsproject, niet een laptopproject.”"

msgid "visionp2"
msgstr "— Nicholas Negroponte"

msgid "visionp3"
msgstr "Ons doel: Kinderen om de wereld nieuwe kansen verschaffen om zich te verbreden, te experimeteren en zichzelf uit te drukken."

msgid "visionp4"
msgstr "The project's origins go back more than four decades to the early days of computing, when most machines were still the size of small dinosaurs, and almost no one dreamed they would ever be suitable for children. But pioneering thinkers like Seymour Papert disagreed sharply, and over time led the long march from radical theory to reality proving the immense power of the personal computer as a learning tool for children."

msgstr "Het project is meer dan veertig jaar geleden begonnen, in de begindagen van het computertijdperk, toen computers nog zo groot als een kleine dinosaurus waren. Niemand droomde er zelfs van dat ze ooit iets voor kinderen zouden kunnen zijn. Maar baanbrekende intellectuelen zoals Seymour Papert dachten daar geheel anders over. Zij waren de eersten op de lange weg van radicaal idee naar praktijk, waarbij ze aantoonden dat de PC een krachtig leerinstrument voor kinderen is."

msgid "visionp5"
msgstr "The laptop generates a steady stream of international press coverage. Click below for the OLPC latest news, as well as for an extensive print and electronic press archive."

msgstr "De laptop zorgt voor een aanhoudende stroom van internationale media aandacht. Klik hieronder voor het laatste nieuws rond de OLPC. Tevens is er een uitgebreid archief voor de geschreven pers en een electronische databank"

msgid "visionp6"
msgstr "OLPC was founded by Nicholas Negroponte with a core of Media Lab veterans, but quickly expanded to include a wide range of exceptionally talented and dedicated people from academia, industry, the arts, business, and the open-source community. Each individual involved brings a unique skill set, and a deep personal passion, to the project."

msgstr "Het OLPC project is gesticht door Nicholas Negroponte met een aantal oudgedienden van  Media Lab, maar breidde zich snel uit met een breed scala van getalenteerde en toegewijde mensen uit zowel universitaire kringen, het bedrijfsleven, de kunstwereld en open-source aanhangers. Elk van hen levert zowel unieke vaardigheden als enthousiasme aan het project."

# XXX: Still need to work further! Start here!

#: laptop.html

msgid "laptoptitle"
msgstr "Laptop: A learning tool created expressly for children in developing nations"

msgstr "Laptop: Leergereedschap uitdrukkelijk gecreeërd voor kinderen in ontwikkelingslanden"

msgid "laptopdescription"
msgstr "The XO is a potent learning tool created expressly for the world's poorest children living in its most remote environments. The laptop was designed collaboratively by experts from both academia and industry."

msgstr "De XO is een krachtig leergereedschapcreated uitdrukkelijk gecreeërd voor 's werelds armste kinderen die leven in afgezonderde gebieden. De laptop is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met academicie en industrie."

msgid "laptopkeywords"
msgstr "OLPC, One Laptop per Child, laptop, XO laptop, learning tool, nonprofit humanitarian project, flexible, ultra low-cost, power-efficient, responsive, durable machine, hardware, wireless router, TFT screen, self-refreshing display, resolution, transmissive mode, full-color mode, reflective mode, high-resolution mode, LCD power consumption, CPU, video camera, external USB2.0 ports, SD-card slot, memory, chipset, graphics controller, flexible design , design, kid-sized, NiMH batteries, recharge-cycle, toxic heavy metals, learning experience, linux, open-source, FOSS."

msgstr "OLPC, One Laptop per Child, een laptop per kind, laptop, XO laptop, leergereedschap, nonprofit humanitarair project, flexibel, extreem goedkoop, energie zuinig, reactief, duurzame machine, hardware, wireless router, TFT scherm, zelfverversend scherm, resolutie, transmissieve mode, full-color mode, reflectieve mode, hoge-resolutie mode, LCD energie verbruik, CPU, processor, video camera, externe USB2.0 aansluiting, SD-kaart slot, geheugen, chipset, grafische aansturing, flexibel ontwerp, ontwerp, kinder formaat, NiMH batterijen, oplaadduur, chemische zware metalen, teerervaring, linux, open-source, FOSS."

msgid "laptoph1"
msgid "hardware"

msgid "laptopp1"
msgstr "A unique machine with features created specifically for children of the emerging world."

msgstr "Een unieke apparaat, met eigenschappen die specifiek zijn gecreeërd voor kinderen in ontwikkelingslanden"

msgid "laptoph2"
msgid "software"

msgid "laptopp2"
msgstr "We want the child to interact with XO on as deep a level as he or she desires. Children program the machine, not the other way around."

msgstr "We willen dat kinderen werken met de XO op het nivo dat hij of zij wenst. De kinderen programmeren de machine, niet andersom."

msgid "laptoph3"
msgid "interface"

msgid "laptopp3"
msgstr "XO has a user interface that graphically embraces the spirit of the network. It is all about community and collaboration—working and playing together to learn, create and communicate."

msgstr "XO heeft een gebruikers-interface die de gedachte van het netwerk grafisch omarmt. Het gaat in zijn geheel om de gemeenschap en het gezamelijk spelenderwijs leren, maken en communiceren."

msgid "laptoph4"
msgid "ontwerp"

msgid "laptopp4"
msgstr "This is a very distinctive machine; rugged, durable, and child-friendly, inside and out."

msgstr "Dit is een zeer unieke apparaat; sterk, duurzaam en kindvriendelijk, van binnen en van buiten."

#: foundation.html

msgid "foundationtitle"
msgstr "One Laptop per Child Foundation, Invest your money and your time - OLPC Foundation"

msgid "foundationdescription"
msgstr "Learn about the mission of the OLPC Foundation, its organization and leadership."

msgid "foundationkeywords"
msgstr "OLPC Foundation, non-profit association, tax-exempt social benefit organization, mission, grassroots initiatives, learning tools, education, children, Cambridge Center, Cambridge Massachusetts, Nicholas Negroponte, Richard Rowe, Ashton Hawkins, Robert D. Fadel, Calestous Juma."

msgid "giveagift"
msgstr "give a gift"

msgid "foundationp1" 
msgstr "Learn about the mission of the OLPC Foundation, its organization and leadership. "

msgid "foundationp2"
msgstr "See the kinds of programs under consideration by the Foundation. "

msgid "foundationp3"
msgstr "Get involved with One Laptop per Child by investing in one or more programs and volunteering your services. "

msgid "foundationp4"
msgstr "Propose a Special Laptop Program or Grassroots Learning Initiative. "

#: children.html

msgid "childrentitle"
msgstr "Children: Children actively engage in knowledge construction"

msgid "childrendescription"
msgstr "Children actively engage in knowledge construction and are not limited to passive reception of information. They can learn by teaching, actively assisting other learners and thereby liberating the teacher to focus her experience and expertise where most needed."

msgid "childrenkeywords"
msgstr "OLPC, One Laptop per Child, laptop, education, poverty, children isolation, learning, schools, teachers, books, school equipment, developing world, computer, knowledge, potential"

msgid "childrenp1"
msgstr "The XO gives learners opportunities they have not had before. Tools such as a Web browser, rich media player, and e-book reader bring into reach domains of knowledge that are otherwise difficult-or impossible-for children to access."

msgid "childrenp2"
msgstr "The XO helps children build upon their active interest in the world around them to engage with powerful ideas. Tools for writing, composing, simulating, expressing, constructing, designing, modeling, imagining, creating, critiquing, debugging, and collaborating enable children to become positive, contributing members of their communities."

msgid "childrenp3"
msgstr "The XO takes learners beyond instruction. They are actively engaged in a process of learning through doing. Children also learn by teaching, actively assisting other learners."

msgid "childrenp4"
msgstr "The XO not only delivers the world to children, but also brings the best practices of children and their teachers to the world. Each school represents a learning hub; a node in a globally shared resource for learning."

# These pages are linked from all pages

#: contact.html

msgid "contacth1"
msgstr "How to get in touch with OLPC"

msgid "contacth2"
msgstr "General information:"

msgid "contacth3"
msgstr "Press inquiries:"

msgid "contacth4"
msgstr "Hardware, software, and technology issues:"

msgid "contacth5"
msgstr "Information on specific countries:"

msgid "contacth6"
msgstr "Content inquiries:"

msgid "contacth7"
msgstr "Volunteer opportunities:"

msgid "contacth8"
msgstr "Donating to OLPC:"

#: languages.html

msgid "languagesh1"
msgstr "Help us translate the OLPC website into your native language"

msgid "languagesp1"
msgstr "Please start from the POT template found in our wiki (<a href="http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Localization/www.laptop.org" target="_blank">http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Localization/www.laptop.org</a>)."

msgid "languagesp2"
msgstr "We have on-going translation projects in Arabic, Bengali, Catalan, Danish, German, Greek, English (US), Farsi (Persian), Finnish, French, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Igbo, Italian, Japanese, Lao, Nepali, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Yoruba, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese."

  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-vision-nl current english


  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-laptop-nl current english


  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-foundation-nl current english


  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-bio-nl current english


  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-children-nl current english


  Included page/section PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-nl current english



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