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One could acquire non-exclusive (e.g. e-book only) publishing rights outside Germany for (e.g.) kess-erziehen and translate to other languages, especially languages from underdeveloped countries.

Parent Education Course Writer's Guide

The second edition of Parent Education Course Writer's Guide is available in German and English.

The complete second edition is now available under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. The German version contains some passages that are not yet available in English.

Translations of the Wikibook to other languages are welcome.

Preschool years

"The essence of that knowledge is not complicated: learning begins at birth, and a loving, secure, stimulating environment, with time devoted to play, reading, talking and listening to infants and young children, lays down the foundations for cognitive and social skills. No government can therefore ignore the issue of what happens in the preschool years."

See also: Early Childhood (


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