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See Category:Pictures.

Older hardware

B1 machines

Image credit: High-resolution photographs of the B1 machines by Mike McGregor

Concept Pictures

Green Machines

Image credit: fuse-project doo doo section

Red Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Orange Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Blue Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Yellow Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Crank Machine

Image credit: Design Continuum


There are numerous screen shots taken directly off of XOs here and here.

The shots shown here were mostly produced via the VMWare auto-converted images. Note that font-sizes have not been adjusted in the VMWare images, so they will appear very small compared to the fonts on an OLPC-XO.

Other Pictures

Pictures of first working prototype here

Pictures of the B1 machines are here.

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