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This is a property of type Page.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • OLPC Amharic Keyboard
  • OLPC Arabic Keyboard
  • OLPC Armenian Keyboard
  • OLPC Dari Keyboard
  • OLPC Devanagari Keyboard
  • OLPC English Keyboard
  • OLPC French Keyboard
  • OLPC German Keyboard
  • OLPC Italian Keyboard
  • OLPC Kazakh Keyboard
  • OLPC Khmer Keyboard
  • OLPC Mongolian Keyboard
  • OLPC Nepali Keyboard
  • OLPC Nigeria Keyboard
  • OLPC Pashto Keyboard
  • OLPC Pulaar Keyboard
  • OLPC Portuguese Keyboard
  • OLPC Russian Keyboard
  • OLPC Spanish Keyboard
  • OLPC Thai Keyboard
  • OLPC Turkish Keyboard
  • OLPC Urdu Keyboard
  • OLPC Uzbek Keyboard
Facts about KeyboardRDF feed
Allows valueThis property is a special property in this wiki.OLPC Amharic Keyboard, OLPC Arabic Keyboard, OLPC Armenian Keyboard, OLPC Dari Keyboard, OLPC Devanagari Keyboard, OLPC English Keyboard, OLPC French Keyboard, OLPC German Keyboard, OLPC Italian Keyboard, OLPC Kazakh Keyboard, OLPC Khmer Keyboard, OLPC Mongolian Keyboard, OLPC Nepali Keyboard, OLPC Nigeria Keyboard, OLPC Pashto Keyboard, OLPC Pulaar Keyboard, OLPC Portuguese Keyboard, OLPC Russian Keyboard, OLPC Spanish Keyboard, OLPC Thai Keyboard, OLPC Turkish Keyboard, OLPC Urdu Keyboard, and OLPC Uzbek Keyboard
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.PageThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.

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OLPCorps 2009 +OLPC English Keyboard  +


Republic of Guinea +OLPC French Keyboard  +
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