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This is a property of type String. Note that it's not a MediaWiki category like e.g. Category:Test cases.

Template:Test case, filled in by Form:Test case, adds this property to pages. Template:Project, filled in by Form:Project, adds this property to pages.

Perhaps Form:Test case should be modified to use subcategories of Category:Test cases instead of this property (investigate); and/or it could infer this from the path to the subpage

Facts about Test subcategoryRDF feed
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.StringThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.
SMW issue Perhaps Form:Test case should be modified to use subcategories of Category:Test cases instead of this property (investigate)  +

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Pages using the property "Test subcategory"

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Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnoffTest +calculate  +
Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnon Test +calculate  +
Tests/Activity/CalculateTests +Calculate  +, calculate  +, addition  +
Tests/Activity/Chat +Chat  +
Tests/Activity/Chat/Private chat +Chat  +
Tests/Activity/Chat/Public chat +Chat  +
Tests/Activity/Clock +Basic functionality  +
Tests/Activity/Distance +Distance  +
Tests/Activity/EToys/Mp3 +Etoys  +
Tests/Activity/Gcompris-Chess +{{{testcase_subcategory}}}  +
Tests/Activity/Gcompris-Sudoku +{{{testcase_subcategory}}}  +
Tests/Activity/Generic/Sanity Check +Generic  +
Tests/Activity/Implode +{{{testcase_subcategory}}}  +
Tests/Activity/Kuku/AnswerGenerationTest +Kuku  +
Tests/Activity/Kuku/GameStartTest +Kuku  +
Tests/Activity/Kuku/QuestionConstructionCase1 +Kuku  +
Tests/Activity/Kuku/SolveGameTest +Kuku  +
Tests/Activity/License/Clean startup +License  +
Tests/Activity/License/Comic enables step 3 +License  +
Tests/Activity/License/License chooser loads +License  +
Tests/Activity/Log +{{{testcase_subcategory}}}  +
Tests/Activity/Manual download +download  +
Tests/Activity/Maze +{{{testcase_subcategory}}}  +
Tests/Activity/Measure +Measure  +
Tests/Activity/Memorize +memorize  +, Memorize  +
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