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$299 fundraiser to buy an XO-4 for OLPC's greatest live support volunteer

Donations so far:

  • $200 - anonymous donation, Aug 23rd 2013
  • $10 - MF from Ontario, Aug 23rd 2013
  • $20 - NA from Oklahoma, Aug 23rd 2013
  • $15 - KM from Maryland, Aug 23rd 2013
  • $50 - anonymous donation, Aug 23rd 2013
  • $16.64 - TG from Australia, Aug 24rd 2013
  • $XX - please click "Log in" and then "edit" above to put your name here!

Or Contact: AND/OR kevin . mark @ verizon . net



from: Adam Holt <>
to: "Community Support Volunteers -- who help respond to help AT" <>,
date: Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 11:00 AM
subject: $299 fundraiser to buy an XO-4 for OLPC's greatest live support volunteer

An anonymous donor has already pledged $200 to enable live global support of the XO-4 Touch laptop, that Kevin Mark (Kevix) so often provides to all entirely unpaid, at typically on the #olpc-help channel, and many other places. And indeed in person too:

I am asking others who can, to please donate $10 now, so Kevin can provide live support around OLPC's greatest+latest laptop. It helps everyone, when he has one of each XO laptop {XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4} to make this here "tech support line with more of a soul" very real (that's the testimonial coming out of the village of Ansapit, Haiti).

While the $299 XO-4 price is only available to those contributing to XS(CE) at, Kevin Mark has already proved his contributions on the #schoolserver channel at the very same webchat site above, we are already 2/3 of the way there. And we're optimistic he'll also be supporting real physical computing / electronics / citizen science attachable to all XOs, benefiting all who take environmental/hands-on learning seriously, now blossoming starting here:

Please write to me ( privately if you can donate $10 or some such via PayPal or any other means, but don't want your name here, where we will be publicly tabulating your contribution, anonymized if you so choose --- until we reach the needed $299:

Thank you !! Kevin Mark will have his new XO-4 in NYC very shortly if we are successful, which I'm confident we can be, if we all stand together here.

Solidarity, Kids, Treehouses to All =)

PS in the unlikely event that we raise more than $299 in coming days (or ideally hours) those funds will be protected for the next OLPC volunteer who requires an XO-4, if they have no funds of their own to speak of, and have proven she or he will embrace and catalyze many others.

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @ !

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