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A DVB-DATA channel could be used to send Activities over DVB but is there an API how an Activity could interact with other DVB content, e.g. select audio or video streams stored on the server?

Is there a "video recorder" API for instructing the server to record certain content from the DVB offering at a preset time or with a preset pattern?

Citizenship education

An application that allowed pupils to vote for their own favorite content to be stored on the server could be used for citizenship education.

Pupils could be guided to develop their own democratic process for the use of limited server space for audio, video and data content.

  • Every pupil could have limited subscription rights measured in MB/day of storage.
  • Pupils could choose to form interest groups or subject committees.
  • Pupils could choose to elect representatives.
  • Pupils could donate storage space from their own laptops to the pool.

The pool management application would have to be able to allocate limited server space for pupil-selected content according to the chosen process.

Mentors could have the obligation to moderate online (e.g. a wiki) and offline discussions about the process, possibly introducing artificial scarcity: It seems sensible to reserve most of the space for goals chosen by mentors and teachers.

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