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Information to collect about each XO rollout. In progress.



Who went?

  1. Number of kids?
  2. Number of vols?
  3. Anyone from OLPC?
  4. Anyone else?

What went?

  1. Number of laptops?
  2. Number of school servers?
  3. What Activities/features were in build?
  4. Any special curriculum/agenda/etc?
  5. Any training docs or startup guides?
  6. Any in-person/hands-on training?
  7. Was the time structured, unstructured, or both?
  8. If structured, how?
  9. Regardless, what happened?
  10. And what docs/activities/people/support/etc would have been useful?


  1. Any photos?
  2. Any videos?
  3. Would be nice: some profiles of kids, including...
      • Name?
      • Where from?
      • Pic (taken on XO)
      • Favorite thing on/about laptop? (Interview, written thing, video, etc).


  1. What went well? (Specifically)
  2. What didn't? (ditto)
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