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A dedicated software market for the OLPC could be launched here in this wiki. Companies and open source developer teams would be able to offer projects that could be ordered by the community; after collecting the funding for the development the community (e.g. represented by the OLPC Foundation) would be the owner of the product, releasing it under a previously agreed upon license, for instance the GPL. Participating companies could receive the right to show an "OLPC contributor" logo on all products. [Software Award]

The community could also decide to collect funding to order a development from a company, for instance an existing application or educational game being ported to the OLPC and localized to the participating countries, or the community could develop ideas and allow developer teams or companies to offer their services to implement the software.

Democratic process

A democratic process could be implemented independent of the amount of donations made by an individual. The community could be allowed to vote against projects seen as inappropriate or severly flawed and the OLPC foundation could have a veto, both against projects and against the termination of projects.

A small membership fee could protect the seriousness of the community and provide a minimum funding for projects.

The democratic process could also steer the development of guidelines for didactic approaches, standardized software features and programming standards, which could be documented in a local library of books, following the Wikibooks example. A book could be allowed to become a standard reference only after a separate voting for each book.

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