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%s to Activities/G1G1
Activities/G1G1-TestGon to Activities/Scratch (13.2)
Activities/Scratch (8.2) to Albanian language
Albanian schools and Internet connectivity to Bangalore-Aradhna
Banglore to Calculus
Calendar to Communication between schools
Communication channels to Copy from journal
Copy to and from the Journal to Deployment Guide 2011/One Laptop per Child
Deployment Guide 2011/Planning Phase to Ecomundo
Economic Model and Calculator capable of calculating what are the Addi… to Exploring XO: Tab 2
Exploring XO: Tab 2/lang-pt to Fundación Zamora Terán
Fundauniban uraba to Grassroots communities
Grassroots experimentation to Honduras
HorseGame to Jamii OLPC
Jams to Learning website
Learning workshops to Marvin Minsky essays
Mary Lou Jepsen to Nepal: Pilot Sites
Nepal: Program Evaluation to OLPC Belgium/Who's Who
OLPC Bellingham to OLPC Firmware q3a52
OLPC Firmware q3a54 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Introduction/lan…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Introduction/lan… to OLPC OPT
OLPC Oceania to OLPC schools
OLPC services to OS images/lang-ja
OS images/translations to to Peripherals/USB MicIn Amplifier
Peripherals/USB Oscilloscope to Project hosting/lang-ko
Project hosting/translations to Projects/mfademo
Projects/mmedugamepack to Repair center locations
Repair centers to Seymour Papert/lang-ru
Seymour Papert/translations to Stop watch OS13
Stopwatch to Support meetings/20080106
Support meetings/20080113 to Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnoffTest
Tests/Activity/Calculate/turnon Test to Trac usernames
Trac wiki bookmarks to VGA
VIG to Wildlife
Will the XO-XS deployment train the Palestinian kids to become even be… to XO Korea/College/Area 11
XO Korea/College/Area 11/title to XO Korea/business content/23120000 Textile and fabric machinery and ac…
XO Korea/business content/23130000 Lapidary machinery and equipment to XO Korea/business deployment/11160000 Fabrics and leather materials
XO Korea/business deployment/11170000 Alloys to XO Korea/business deployment/94110000 Religious organizations
XO Korea/business deployment/94120000 Clubs to XO Korea/governmental corporations
XO Korea/governmental deployment to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/seoul/Sungbuk
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/seoul/Sungdong to XS Community Edition/Features/Startup sound
XS Community Edition/Features/XOvis to Zamora Teran/Sistema Seguridad
Zamora Teran/Traducciones to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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