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%s to Activities/FotoToon (12.1)
Activities/FotoToon (13.2) to Activities/Scratch-G1G1
Activities/Scratch (10.1) to Alan Kay/lang-fr
Alan Kay/lang-ja to Bake-offs
Ban Samkha to Calculator Trigonometry Tab Test case
Calculator Trigonometry Tab Test caseOS116 to Colors!/Development
Columbus School for Girls to Contributors program archive
Contributors program criteria to Deployment Guide/lang-es
Deployment Guide/planning deployment needs on an individual school bas… to Earth Treasury Mission
Earth Treasury Volunteers to Executable Math
Executable math to Friends in testing/lang-es
Friends in testing/old tests to Grassroots bootcamp/Application
Grassroots bootcamp/Application/Jonathan Austin to Hindi language
Hindi po to Jabber servers/DC
Jabber servers/New England to Learning activities/Temperature
Learning activities/Typing Skills to Map (activity)/v3page
Map (activity)/v3pagina to Nell/Prolog
Nell/Reading to OLPC Australia/Australia's first deployment
OLPC Austria to OLPC Firmware q3a35
OLPC Firmware q3a36 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Bulletin Boards
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Bulletin Boards/… to OLPC Nicaragua
OLPC Nicaragua/Ometepe to OLPC on free/open source software/lang-ru
OLPC on free/open source software/translations to OS Builder/Development
OS Builder/Edit a config file to to Peripherals/Robots
Peripherals/SW Radio Receiver to Programming the camera/translations
Programming with Children to Projects/dictionary-m1 (8.2)
Projects/eKindling Content to Releases
Releases-test to Seguridad
Seiko uc2200 to Startup Sequence/lang-es
Startup diagnosis to Support FAQ/File Access
Support FAQ/G1G1 Donor Inquiries to Tests/
Tests/100 laptops to Totem
Totem plugin to User groups
User guide to Wikieducator newbie tutorials
Wikieducator proposals to XO Korea/Activities
XO Korea/Activities/Notification/title to XO Korea/business content/11160000 Fabrics and leather materials
XO Korea/business content/11170000 Alloys to XO Korea/business content/94110000 Religious organizations
XO Korea/business content/94120000 Clubs to XO Korea/business deployment/85130000 Medical science research and exp…
XO Korea/business deployment/85140000 Alternative and holistic medicin… to XO Korea/government server/ No.1114 Evaluating Governmental Performanc…
XO Korea/government server/ No.1115 Regulation Renovation /lang-ko to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/boseong
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/central to XS Community Edition/0.5/sprints
XS Community Edition/0.6 to Zamora Teran/Imagen FZT/2016 XO1
Zamora Teran/Imagen FZT/Actividades to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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