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%s to Activities/FotoToon (12.1)
Activities/FotoToon (13.2) to Activities/Scratch-G1G1
Activities/Scratch (10.1) to Alan Kay/lang-fr
Alan Kay/lang-ja to Bake-offs
Ban Samkha to Calculator Trigonometry Tab Test caseOS13
Calculator Trigonometry Tab Test case OS802B5 to Comics
Comicstrip Maker to Contributors program requirements
Control Panel to Deployment Guide/translations
Deployment Guide/workshop schedule to Easy Sugar updating
EbookReader to Exhibit FAQ
Expand presence of educators on wiki to Friends of OLPC
Frits Hoff to Grassroots bootcamp/Feedback
Grassroots bootcamp/Participants to HippoMath
History of OLPC to Jabber servers/
Jacek to Learning activities/XOs for All
Learning activities/lang-es to Map of repair centers
Maps to Nepal
Nepal-Austria Cooperation to OLPC Austria/translations
OLPC Azerty Keyboard to OLPC Firmware q3a38
OLPC Firmware q3a39 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Bulletin Boards/…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Bulletin Boards/… to OLPC Nigeria/Country info
OLPC Nigeria/Galadima to OLPC on open source software/lang-es
OLPC on open source software/lang-ja to OS Builder/Run on XO hardware
OS Builder/Run on XO hardware/Experiences to to Peripherals/Scanner
Peripherals/School Server UPS to Project/ekindling
Project/ekindling/Kindling Discovery Pilot2009 to Projects/educational toolkit
Projects/ekindling to Remote Display
Remote Display/lang-es to Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic MediaWiki/Activities to Status meeting
Status meeting 2007-10 to Support FAQ/Hardware Repairs, Returns
Support FAQ/Internet, Connectivity, Email, Chat to Tests/Acquiring a developer key
Tests/Activity/Abacus to Touchpad
Touchpad/AVC Sentelic FSP configuration to Using Hindi fonts in Windows XP
Using QEMU for Troubleshooting to Wikijunior
Wikimania to XO Korea/Business Sectors/Introduction
XO Korea/Business Server to XO Korea/business content/12130000 Explosive materials
XO Korea/business content/12160000 Additives to XO Korea/business content/ 10110000
XO Korea/business content/ 10120000 to XO Korea/business deployment/86100000 Vocational training
XO Korea/business deployment/86110000 Alternative educational systems to XO Korea/government server/ No.1118 Administration /lang-ko
XO Korea/government server/ No.1119-1 Assisting Presidential Duty/lang… to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/gangyang
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/goheong to XS Community Edition/5.0
XS Community Edition/5.0/Ansible Progress to Zamora Teran/Información General
Zamora Teran/Instalaciones to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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