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%s to Activities/Flipsticks
Activities/FotoToon (11.3) to Activities/Schoolsplay
Activities/Scratch to Alabama
Alan Kay to Bahasa Indonesia PO
Bajar musica musica de interned to Calculator OS13
Calculator OS802B5 to Colors
Colors! to Contributors program/meetings/March 8, 2009
Contributors program/translations to Deployment Guide/deployment schedule
Deployment Guide/imaging, activating, and registering laptops to Early boot
Earth Treasury to ExecCommand (activity)
Executable English to Friends in testing/current image
Friends in testing/current image number to Grassroots Organizations
Grassroots Organizations/lang-es to Hilaire
Hindi to JSPython
Jabber to Learning activities/School Census/translations
Learning activities/Spelling to MapStats/StatehoodQueries
Map (activity) to Nell/InterestingJavascriptLibraries
Nell/NaturalLanguageProcessing to OLPC Asia BaseCamp 2013/sessions
OLPC At Penguicon 2008 to OLPC Firmware q3a29
OLPC Firmware q3a30 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Security/lang-pt-br/title
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Security/translations to OLPC New Zealand / Pacific
OLPC New Zealand / Pacific/ComputerClubhouseNZ to OLPC on free/open source software/lang-ko
OLPC on free/open source software/lang-pt to OS Builder/Add additional Activities
OS Builder/Add repositories and packages to to Peripherals/Protective Case
Peripherals/Radio Receiver to Programming languages
Programming languages/lang-es to Projects/abridged wikipedia
Projects/atlaspilot to Release notes/7.1.2
Release notes/8.1.0 to Search (collection)
Secure Digital card to StarChart/Change log
Star Cruiser to Supercool school
SupersedeDefermentsDodderedShrew to Testing grid
Testing ideas to Tiny Core Linux
Tiny Core Linux/Reversion to Use Cases
Useful Links to Wiki notes tutorial
Wiki report to XO Korea/15 Gyeongnam Community
XO Korea/16 Jeju Community to XO Korea/business content/10150000 Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and c…
XO Korea/business content/10150000 Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and c… to XO Korea/business content/93110000 Socio political conditions
XO Korea/business content/93120000 International relations to XO Korea/business deployment/84100000 Development finance
XO Korea/business deployment/84110000 Accounting and auditing to XO Korea/government server/No.1153 Civil Rights
XO Korea/government server/No.1154 Ombudsman Administration to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonbuk/jeongeub
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonbuk/jeonju to XS Community Edition/0.5/Spec
XS Community Edition/0.5/Sprint to Zamora Teran/Diff patch
Zamora Teran/Documentacion to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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