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%s to Activities/G1G1/10.1.2
Activities/G1G1/10.1.3 to Activities/Simcity
Activities/Simcity-G1G1 to AlpXO
AlpXO/todo to BasicLinux
Batman to Cambridge Friends School/Meetings/2009-03-20
Cambridge Friends School/Meetings/2009-03-25 to Communities
Community to Core principles/lang-bg
Core principles/lang-de to Deployment Schedule
Deployment Success Stories to Editor Musical/translations
EduBlog to Exploring XO: Tab 5
Exploring XO: Tab 5/lang-pt to Funtowers
Future Releases to Grassroots unconference/sunday notes
Grassroots worldwide stuff sheet draft to How To Run A Jam
How To Run A Jam/Getting space to Japanese/Setup
Japanese/lang-ja to Lego case
Lemmings to Math
Math-xo to Nepal: XO Testing Plan
Nepal Customization 702 to OLPC Bitfrost
OLPC Bitfrost/lang-es to OLPC Firmware q3a63/Test plan
OLPC Firmware q3a64 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/The Journal/lang…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/The Journal/tran… to OLPC PL
OLPC PL/Dev to OLPC und Open Source
OLPC vault to Oeuvre des pains
Oeuvre des pains/India to to Peru
Peru activity pack to Projects/AltEnv
Projects/AlthiriusIDE to Projects/wp-animals-en
Projects/wp-general-en to Reports
Repository to Ship.2 process
Ship2.2 to Story Jam New York/Projects/Borderless Educations
Story Jam New York/Projects/Community Mapping to Support new
Supporting Haiti to Tests/Activity/License/License chooser loads
Tests/Activity/Log to Translating/HowTo/lang-ca
Translating/HowTo/lang-es to Version XO 1.0
Version XO 1.5 to Wireless Access Point Compatibility
Wireless Airtime Analysis to XO Korea/College/Area 7/title
XO Korea/College/Area 8 to XO Korea/business content/25100000 Motor vehicles
XO Korea/business content/25110000 Marine transport to XO Korea/business deployment/20120000 Oil and gas drilling and explora…
XO Korea/business deployment/20130000 Oil and gas drilling and operati… to XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry/Rur…
XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry/Rur… to XO Korea/gyeonggi/colleges
XO Korea/gyeonggi/elementary to XO Korea/our work
XO Korea/our work/lang-en to XS Community Edition/feature
XS Community Edition/feature/3G support to Ελληνικά PO
Ενημέρωση για τη δράση ΧΟ σε ελληνικά … to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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