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%s to Activities/G1G1/10.2
Activities/G1G1/10.2.0 to Activities/Simcity (latest)
Activities/Slider Puzzle to Alternative uses of the money spent on an XO
Alvin hints and questions to Battery Charging/translations
Battery Results to Cambridge Learning Workshop Sept2008
Cambridge Open School to Community:Law
Community:Music to Core principles/lang-fr
Core principles/lang-ja to Deployment blogs
Deployment guide to EduKT
EduKT/Versions to Extending PyGame with C++
Extending Python with C++ to G1G1 2007
G1G1 2007/FAQ to Greek
Greek PO to How can I get one?
How can my country get involved to Japanese po
Jargon to Lesson 1
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Math Support: Exercise Repository and Worksheet Generator
Math game to Nepali Curriculum Medium Level
Nepali PO to OLPC Bolivia
OLPC Bolivia/agenda Bolivia Enero 2008 to OLPC Firmware q3b05
OLPC Firmware q3b06 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/View Source/tran…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Zoom Metaphor to OLPC Pakistan, Report 1
OLPC Pakistan, Report 2 to OLPCinci
OLPCities to Oficina de Desenho/Localization
Ogg to to Photograhers
Photogrammetric Astronavigation to Projects/Automatic translation software
Projects/BioSensor to Proposal and Plan
ProtoSnap Contributors Guide to Request for content
Request for testing to Sierra Leone
Silicon Valley LUG to Storyasking
Storyboard to Sv PO
Sv POT to Tests/Activity/Memorize/GameFinish
Tests/Activity/Memorize/GameStart to Translating/
Translation to VideoEdit Contributors Program Application
Video Chat to Wireless Issues Apr08
Wireless Issues Apr80 to XO Korea/Core Ideas/Culture
XO Korea/Core Ideas/Culture/title to XO Korea/business content/26100000 Power sources
XO Korea/business content/26110000 Batteries and generators and kineti… to XO Korea/business deployment/23140000 Leatherworking repairing machine…
XO Korea/business deployment/23150000 Industrial process machinery and… to XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energ…
XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energ… to XO Korea/gyeongnam/pre-primary
XO Korea/hardware to XO Korea/regional deployment
XO Korea/research to XS Community Edition/feature/school information network
XS Community Edition/feature/screensharing to Уики на OLPC/lang-bg
Українська PO to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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