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%s to Activities/G1G1/10.2
Activities/G1G1/10.2.0 to Activities/Simcity (latest)
Activities/Slider Puzzle to Alternative uses of the money spent on an XO
Alvin hints and questions to Battery Charging/lang-es
Battery Charging/translations to Cambridge Friends School Pilot
Cambridge Learning Workshop Sept2008 to Community:Art Contest 2009
Community:Law to Core principles/lang-es
Core principles/lang-fr to Deployment Wishlist
Deployment blogs to EduBlog Instructions/lang-es
EduKT to Extended bundles
Extending PyGame with C++ to G1G1
G1G1 2007 to Greece Test Reports
Greek to How To Treat Your Teachers As The True Professionals They Are
How can I get one? to Japanese language
Japanese po to Lernvision
Lesson 1 to Math Race
Math Support: Exercise Repository and Worksheet Generator to Nepali
Nepali Curriculum Medium Level to OLPC Blog
OLPC Bolivia to OLPC Firmware q3b04
OLPC Firmware q3b05 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/View Source/lang…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/View Source/tran… to OLPC Pakistan
OLPC Pakistan, Report 1 to OLPC 위키
OLPCinci to Oficina de Desenho
Oficina de Desenho/Localization to to Photo Walkthrough
Photograhers to Projects/Aura
Projects/Automatic translation software to Projects and proposals/lang-es
Proposal and Plan to Request for Content
Request for content to Sids
Sierra Leone to Story Jam New York/Schedule
Storyasking to Sustainable content communities
Sv PO to Tests/Activity/Memorize/FullTest3
Tests/Activity/Memorize/GameFinish to Translating/Write/lang-es
Translating/ to VideoEdit
VideoEdit Contributors Program Application to Wireless Firmware
Wireless Issues Apr08 to XO Korea/Core Ideas
XO Korea/Core Ideas/Culture to XO Korea/business content/25200000 Aerospace systems and components an…
XO Korea/business content/26100000 Power sources to XO Korea/business deployment/23130000 Lapidary machinery and equipment
XO Korea/business deployment/23140000 Leatherworking repairing machine… to XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energ…
XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energ… to XO Korea/gyeongnam/middle schools
XO Korea/gyeongnam/pre-primary to XO Korea/public server
XO Korea/regional deployment to XS Community Edition/feature/printer gui
XS Community Edition/feature/school information network to Уики на OLPC
Уики на OLPC/lang-bg to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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