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%s to Activities/G1G1/
Activities/G1G1/10.1 to Activities/Scratch (latest)
Activities/Screencast (13.1) to Alearn
Alearn Network to Banners
Barbados to Cambodia
Cambridge to Communication channels/IRC other
Communication channels/lang-es to Copy to journal
Coralline to Deployment Guide 2011/Post Deployment Phase
Deployment Guide 2011/Project Implementation to Economics of XO
Ecuador to Exploring XO: Tab 2/translations
Exploring XO: Tab 3 to Fundauniban uraba/Instalar XO imagen
Fundauniban uraba/paginafacebook to Grassroots experiments
Grassroots jam to Hosting
Hotspot to Jams/TextbookJam
Jams/TextbookRevolutionJam to Learningteammeetings
Lease management to Marysville OLPC Repair Lab - Tulalip, Washington
MassXO to Nepal: Support Training
Nepal: Teacher Preparation to OLPC Bellingham/Repair center
OLPC Bellingham/Repair center/inventory to OLPC Firmware q3a58
OLPC Firmware q3a59 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Introduction/tra…
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/The Frame to OLPC Oceania/Content
OLPC Oceania/Countries to OLPC services meetings/August 5, 2008
OLPC services meetings/July 29, 2008 to OS images for emulation
OS images for emulation/lang-es to to Peripherals/WiMAX
Peripherals/WindBelt to Project proposals
Project sampler to Projects/olpc-catalonia
Projects/olpcturkey to Repairs
Repairs cookbook to Shared Activity Protocol 1.0
Shared Sugar Activities to StoryBuilder
Story Builder to Support meetings/20080224
Support meetings/20080302 to Tests/Activity/Distance
Tests/Activity/EToys/Mp3 to Transclusion
Transcode to VNC Launcher
VOICES Platform Design to Windows/lang-ko
Windows/lang-pt to XO Korea/College/Area 14/title
XO Korea/College/Area 15 to XO Korea/business content/23200000 Mass transfer equipment
XO Korea/business content/23210000 Electronic manufacturing machinery … to XO Korea/business deployment/12180000 Waxes and oils
XO Korea/business deployment/12190000 Solvents to XO Korea/business server
XO Korea/business server/Business Server to XO Korea/grassroot communities
XO Korea/gwangju to XO Korea/news
XO Korea/oea to XS Community Edition/Features/school information network
XS Community Edition/Features/screensharing to Zamora Teran/como ayudar
Zamora Teran/olpc-update to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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