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%s to Activities/FotoToon (12.1)
Activities/FotoToon (13.2) to Activities/Scratch (10.1)
Activities/Scratch (10.1.3) to Alan Kay/lang-ja
Alan Kay/translations to Ban Samkha/trial-200705
Banco de atividades para o OLPC to Calculator Window Test case
Calculator Window Test caseOS116 to Comments in code
Common Rooms to Controversies
Conventions to Deployment Guide 2011
Deployment Guide 2011/Deployment Phase to Ebooks
Ec specification to Experiences with adding content
Experiments with unordered paths to Frotz
Frotz/Games to Grassroots bootcamp/Results
Grassroots bootcamp/Results/monday transcript to History of OLPC/lang-ko
History of OLPC/translations to Jailbreaking the XO
Jam to Learning groups
Learning learning to Marathi Keyboard
Marie Collins to Nepal:Pilot Project Plan
Nepal:Redundancy to OLPC Bangladesh
OLPC Bay Area to OLPC Firmware q3a43
OLPC Firmware q3a44 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Global Search
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Global Search/la… to OLPC Nigeria/Jimeta
OLPC Nigeria/Jimeta/Public key to OLPC on open source software/translations
OLPC overview to OS Builder/Run under mock
OS Builder/Tweak boot animation to to Peripherals/Sensors
Peripherals/Sensors/Oscilloscope to Project Anashrah
Project Gutenberg to Projects/etoystoys
Projects/fbreader to Repair
Repair/lang-es to Serial adapter
Serial adapters to Sticky Keys
Sticky keyboard to Support FAQ:General Activity/Interface Questions
Support FAW to Tests/Activity/Calculate/CosTest
Tests/Activity/Calculate/FourArithmeticOperationsTest to Tourism simulator
Towards Collaborative Constructionism to Using QEMU on Windows XP/lang-ja
Using QEMU on Windows XP/lang-ko to Wikireaders
Wikis for children to XO Korea/College/14 Jeonnam
XO Korea/College/15 Gyeongnam to XO Korea/business content/14110000 Paper products
XO Korea/business content/14120000 Industrial use papers to XO Korea/business content/introduction
XO Korea/business deployment to XO Korea/business deployment/90140000 Commercial sports
XO Korea/business deployment/90150000 Entertainment services to XO Korea/government server/ No.1133 Private Investment for Social Infr…
XO Korea/government server/ No.1137 Planning Public Advertisement /lan… to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/jindo
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/jeonnam/mokpo to XS Community Edition/5.0/Testing
XS Community Edition/5.0/Testing/Results to Zamora Teran/Inventario/Marcar laptops entregadas de forma masiva
Zamora Teran/Inventario/Reparaciones to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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