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%s to Activities/G1G1/758
Activities/G1G1/8.2 to Activities/Speak (10.1)
Activities/Speak (11.3) to Amiko
Amiko (gerenciador do sistema) to Benefactors
Bengali to Capacitaciones FQT Navegar
Capacitaciones FQT OOo4kids to Community building/translations
Community database to Costa Rica/Tecnico/XS1
Costa Rica/Tecnico/XS2 to Design-gang
Design Gang to Educational Blogger Project/translations
Educational Blogger Project GSoC to FLOSSManuals
GBrainy to Guia OLPC Peru Parte II
Guia Rapido de PyGTK to How to set up for development on linux emulation
How to start a grassroots group to John Dvorak
John Maloney to Library/lang-es
Library/lang-ja to Measure/Start
Measure/Turtle to Network2/Concept/Network
Network2/Concept/Protocol to OLPC Brazil/30 de julho de 2006
OLPC Brazil/Com açucar e com afeto to OLPC Firmware q3c08
OLPC Firmware q3c09 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Sugar Interface/Controls/Advanced …
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/The Sugar Interface/Controls/Advanced … to OLPC Peru/Country info
OLPC Peru/Electricidad to OLPCities/Lots
OLPCities/Math (JavaScript) to Olin university chapter/Projects/XOBot/XOCad
Olin university chapter/Repair center to to Physics Jam/To contact
Physics Jam/Todo to Projects/Contributors Project for Testing
Projects/Csound manual to PyGTK/Hello World with Glade
PyGTK/Hello World with Glade and Sweettepache to Review squad application
Review squad application/Applications to Skype: Video
Slackware to to T-shirts/Designs
T1 to the car to Tests/Boot/Cleaninstall
Tests/Boot/Security-Disabled to Tubes
Tubes Tutorial to Voltage regulator
Volunteer to Write
Write/Escribar to XO Korea/Government/Introduction
XO Korea/Government/Local Governments/title to XO Korea/business content/31320000 Fabricated bar stock assemblies
XO Korea/business content/31330000 Fabricated structural assemblies to XO Korea/business deployment/30160000 Interior finishing materials
XO Korea/business deployment/30170000 Doors and windows and glass to XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Government Administration &…
XO Korea/central government/Ministry of Government Administration &… to XO Korea/jeonnam
XO Korea/jeonnam/colleges to XO Korea/ulsan/colleges
XO Korea/ulsan/elementary to XS Installing Software
XS Installing Software/lang-es to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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