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%s to Activities/Finance (latest)
Activities/FlipSticks (11.3) to Activities/SalvadorLite/10.1.3
Activities/SamplePlay to Agriculture
Airplane mode to Badges/lang-ko
Badges/translations to Calculator Miscellaneous Tab Test case OS802B5
Calculator OS116 to Color
Color Activity Decision Tree Diagram to Contributors program/September 5, 2008
Contributors program/lang-es to Deployment Guide/Teacher Preparation Student Facilitation
Deployment Guide/Workbook to EToys
EToys Translation to Example
Examplepage.unused1 to Friends in Testing/lang-bg
Friends in testing to Grassroots Jam/Venue
Grassroots Jam/notes to Hi po
Hidden to JPEG
JPEG 2000 to Learning activities/Scary Story
Learning activities/School Census to MapStats/CulturalGeographyLesson
MapStats/DigitalDivideLesson to Nell/Architecture
Nell/DemoScript to OLPC Asia BaseCamp 2013
OLPC Asia BaseCamp 2013/Register to OLPC Firmware q3a24
OLPC Firmware q3a25 to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Security/lang-es
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Security/lang-es/title to OLPC New Zealand/Test Requests/2010-10-09
OLPC New Zealand/Test Requests/2010-10-17 to OLPC on free/open source software
OLPC on free/open source software/lang-ar to OSBuilder
OS Builder to to Peripherals/Modular Power/Regulation
Peripherals/Network Hub to Programmer
Programming to Projects/XO pilot projects in Russia
Projects/XObased TT to Release notes/13.2.7/Installation/XO-1.75
Release notes/13.2.7/Installation/XO-1/SD to Screws
Screws/lang-es to Ssh into the XO
Stable Upgrade to Summer of Content volunteers/translations
Summer of content to Test process sprint for 2007 first software release
Test result query examples to Tibetan
Tic tac toe to Upgrading to 8.2
Upgrading to LinuxBIOS to Wiki Quicky/translations
Wiki Slice to XO Giving/translations
XO Hacks to XO Korea/business/8 Gyeonggi/lang-ko
XO Korea/business/8 Gyeonggi/translations to XO Korea/business content/86130000 Specialized educational services
XO Korea/business content/86140000 Educational facilities to XO Korea/business deployment/81120000 Economics
XO Korea/business deployment/81130000 Statistics to XO Korea/government/5 Daegu
XO Korea/government/6 Ulsan to XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/incheon/donbu
XO Korea/ministry of education/regional authority/incheon/gangwha to XS Community Edition/0.4/Services/Monit
XS Community Edition/0.4/Services/Offline USB install to Z machine
Zamora Teran to 오픈소스 소프트웨어 위의 OLPC
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