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Spray Play is a Crossfire-like game in which players shoot objects in the middle of the playing area with small pellets to push it into their opponent's side.




Spray Play concept.


Image:XfromXO.png + Image:OfromXO.png = Image:XO_guy.png

Spray Play will use the XO character design (X below an O) as the game's shooter. The X is a rotate-able gameplay element, and the O is a shootable entity. The X will be the user icon from Sugar, and the O will be a colored circle within a circle (using Sugar's user icon colors).

<lincolnquirk> bjordan, you should be able to use the sugar API directly, and there's probably a method for getting the colors
<kentquirk> bjordan: it's in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/config <cjb> bjordan: hi, you asked about the two XO colors
<cjb> bjordan: they're stored in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/config
<cjb> bjordan: you're supposed to use an activity API to get them, and the username
<cjb> bjordan: but I don't remember what API that is :)
<MurielGodoi> bjordan: I remember..... profile.get_color() :D from sugar.graphics.xocolor import XoColor profile.get_color().get_fill_color() http://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/surface.html Want surface_mapRGB
<MurielGodoi> to get the buddy color:
<MurielGodoi> 1) from sugar import profile
<MurielGodoi> 2) from sugar.graphics.xocolor import XoColor
<MurielGodoi> 3) profile.get_color().get_fill_color()
<MurielGodoi> 4) profile.get_color().get_stroke_color()
<MurielGodoi> 4) profile.get_nick_name()

Currently, the X is a PNG with fixed colors, and the O is just a colored circle.

Shootable Objects

Objects are not yet implemented, but will be regular and irregular polygons on the playing field.

Playing Field

Spray Play's playing field

The playing field is a PNG image representing a rounded-edge rectangle. It is metal-themed and has grass around the outside.

TO DO, i.e., Additions to this image that would be nice:

  • Dimensions
    • Geometry dimensions of gray field area for simulation purposes
  • Crowd
    • Bleachers in corners?
    • Heads lining the walls, leaning onto play field


With the XO laptop's built in speakers and headphone capabilities, sound is an important consideration for Spray Play.


Music will be used to enhance the game's atmosphere.


Directionally-biased stereo sound files will be used to differentiate which side the sound is eminating from (the player on the XO's left side, player on the XO's right...).


Spray Play's gameplay field

Code / Contribute!

Spray Play is being hosted at Google Code. The Spray Play SVN repository can be browsed online.

To contribute to Spray Play, contact Brian his gmail account, username bcjordan, and he will add you to the developer's list.

Eventually, Spray Play will be hosted at SourceForge, but their applications must be manually approved.

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